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  1. Kijk, een nuchtere Hollander laat zich niet zo snel uit het Franse veld slaan …..🤓 See, a realistic Dutchman from France doesn’t quiet that fast ….. 👨‍🎨
  2. The same for me. In SODE a JS EDDH existed.
  3. There are larger and smaller lights next to eachother. P3Dv5.1 HF1. More people have this : https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/593096-simwings-eddh-double-taxi-lights/ Help is appriciated. Very good looking scenery . Well done. regards, Gerard
  4. @Mathijs P3Dv5 or CP are the result of years of evolving. MSFS is just at the beginning. Myself I am a 737-800 flyer ( real size cockpit + Prosim ) and at PS they stated that the current SDK is very far away from being supportive for all complex systems . Give me the eyecandy from MSFS with the stability and SDK features of P3Dv5 and I will happily flying around....
  5. You seem not have any idea what you are talking about. Go read the MSFS forums at Avsim and the official MSFS site. Then come back. Flightsim software will always be a niche market. Compare the sales to real Xbox / PD games. Also with the MSFS sales you are incorrect : most users were the $ 1 dollar game pass testers and the $ 5 users for month 2 and 3. Regular users have declined a lot now, which is normal in this way. Many uses tried MSFS for fun and now moved on to the next gave to try for $ 1 pm. MS has dropped FSX in an instant without looking back. MS has stopped Flight in an instant without looking back. Asobo stated that the SDK will never be as enhanced as the P3D SDK. So you will NEVER have the same features. That is allright as the main focus lies on the eyecandy. Take off your pink glasses, read yourself into what really happens and then come back.
  6. Here I have both P3Dv5 and MSFS. You are trying your best to be the lawyer of Mathijs but you do not see what is happening. Mathijs is honest about his opinion : sales and making money. That does not need to mean that you openly declare another platform for almost dead. On the other hand : P3D has features that almost no developer uses in their products. If a company like AS would encourage addon developers to use them then people would be prepared to re-buy them. Only adjusting the installer so it can be installed in an updated P3D version will not make any new money..... MSFS was one big hype and all publicity was loved by many. Now several updates later : regions are improved but most ac are a mess. If you have the PdL version those extra ac are unflyable. First the AP would be fixed in november, then in december and now in februari.. The SDK in its current State is far from good enough for complex ac as most features still in ToDo state. Therefore PMDG has stated that there won’t be an ac from then for at least a year. We see airports being released with jetways. With what ac are you going to park there ? Only the 320 mod ... Or are people using a GA ac for that ? As far as zo see it MS/Asobo have chew off more than they can handle. As VFR game it is very nice . As a IFR sim it has a long way to go and it might not be reached at all. If you manage to get a jetliner airborne look at the stuttering outside view. A GC + fast flying = outside view stutters It is all about balance : you simply cannot have the best eyecandy, the best car traffic , the best weather and also the smoothest FPS with complex ac . There are more Xbox users that have tried MSFS than pc users. MSFS can never be so enhanced and complicated as P3D or XP. Why ? Then you are better of with an Xbox that costs a few hundred than a pc where a graphics.card is most of the time more expensive. And many Xbox users also play other games and move on to try new games. Therefore the MSFS works will also be niche... Imho AS is better of supporting multiple platforms and demanding from addon developers to use new features which will lead to new sales. Being negatively about a platform you supported for years while raving about another out of commercial interest is not the way. ”Never spit in the well you drunk from..”
  7. At Avsim there are reports that the manual cache feature is not working anymore in the release version...
  8. In the AS Shop it says “available 18th august” so not 17-8 ... Add 1-2 days delivery time.,,
  9. See Chapter 4 about home cockpits and multi monitor. Announced by Asobo : https://youtu.be/eLcSNppK14ks://youtu.be/eLc
  10. A couple of months ago in a vid Asobo stated that multi monitor is supported. They even tested MSFS in a Cessna like real size home cockpit ..
  11. You might take a look at the PTA forum at Avsim and see that I am the moderator there and I also create many PTA presets ( Gerard’s All Months Preset set .. ) that have been downloaded thousands of times.... So therefore I think I know a little or two about Shaders ... Several times I helped Matt to solve issues after again a P3Dv4 update ... Everyone is allowed to express his opinion but if it is incorrect and also pulling down a product, then imho it might be said so. Shader tweaking can really make your flightsim environment look much more realistic. There are some people who have made several very nice presets. As P3Dv4 progressed over time LM also improved and modified the Shaders ; sky, clouds , lighting & shadows. Expressions have been changed or replaced by new ones. So with each update every preset has to be modified too. Using a Shader preset from a year ago might make P3Dv4 look weird. Simply stating that these tools are causing troubles is not true. If people do not understand enough what each tweak does or use old presets than indeed the image will look not realistic. Happy New Year for the AS team and their users .
  12. You really have no idea what you are talking about and you are also incorrect. Suniram is right...
  13. As I always land manually and I have done it several times already at Bodrum that is no problem... 😎
  14. Hi Mathijs, I am using Navigraph. So it might be that this Lite version uses the “old” FSX default NavData and the airport has been placed to match it...? That might explain it . regards, Gerard
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