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  1. Hi. I think the first thing you should look at is overclocking your CPU. This will gain you FPS. Secondly, maybe a more powerful graphics card, particularly for use with FSX.
  2. Hi. You should enter the ILS frequency in the ILS section of the MCDU rather than VOR. Also, it should be sufficient just to press APPR as LOC is for localiser only. You should intercept from below the GS in order for the Bus to descend. Once the GS is captured press AP2 so that both AP1 and AP2 are engaged.
  3. Hi you may want to post on the developer's support forum for this: http://www.oncourse-software.co.uk/support.htm
  4. Guys, Instructions on how to fix the Autogen issues with Santorini X can be found here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/56958-how-to-fix-santorini-x-autogen-issues/
  5. Hi. Yes I'll do that, I'll try and get something up over the weekend.
  6. Hi. For some users there is definitely an issue. I have been one of them. It has been suggested that it's due to UAC settings, but I totally disagree as I have mine completely disabled. The issue is solved by amending the default.xml, it is easy to do if you know how. I could do it for everyone. Only problem is, you uninstall or whatever and it's all undone. This really needs to be addressed in the installer by Aerosoft.
  7. With respect to the graphics card going to a 64 bit system will make little difference. The graphics card is not causing the OOM. You have two indications that you are pushing your system too hard due to addons and settings, the first is your OOM and the second your graphics card. I don't know what card you have, but a better card would likely solve the spike issues. You may gain some headroom by going to a 64bit system and sufficient RAM, which will help with complex addons and high settings. But ultimately you only have 4GB to play with in FSX, so at the end of the day you may still be faced with turning things down a bit. Try reducing your settings and see if this helps with both the OOM and the graphics spikes.
  8. Hi. Firstly you must understand that FSX is a 32-bit program which means that it will only use a Max of 4GB. So you could have all the RAM in the world and still get an 'Out of Memory' (OOM). It all comes down to how detailed/complex the addons are that you are running and how much memory they use. Your FSX slider settings can also impact this. Naturally, more RAM is better, particularly on a 64-bit OS that uses >4GB. Now, whilst this does not benefit FSX, the additional RAM in your system can be used to run the OS and any applications running in the background, potentially giving FSX enough free RAM to use its 4GB limit if required. The spikes you are seeing are not RAM related. It's an indication that your graphics card is being pushed too hard. Perhaps, back off on the sliders and this may help reduce the occurence of OOM too.
  9. Glad you've got it sorted. The stars can look too much at times.
  10. I'd say it's the stars or your water texture. Do you have any 3rd party water or light modifications?
  11. Hi. I was a Beta Tester on Airbus X. I do recall finding the calculated Vapp a little low. I simply took that figure and added 10kts on to it and entered the figure manually. This worked well for me. Chris
  12. You may want to have a look at the Super Traffic Board 3 product, which may fulfil some of your needs. I have recently got this for similar reasons. Chris
  13. I've sent you a PM with my email address so that you can send me your default.xml file. I will add the missing entries for you and hopefully all should be good by the time you get in from work this evening. Chris
  14. Hi. As I've mentioned I believe the problem is with your default.xml file. Do you feel that you would be able to copy and paste the missing sections into it? I can guide you through what to do. It's quite easy. Chris
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