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  1. Now - If we could only combine Flight with World of Warcraft and sprinkle a little Battlefield 3 on it - We would have ourselves a game with flying tenagers on crack doing battle with orcs in tanks while running through hoops after goldcoins, to get to the flag.
  2. You could try to update the Airfoil. Open Planemaker and find the Batch Airfoil updater. Maybe that helps
  3. Ich habe auch mehrere Carenado produkte, und die functioniert sehr gut in XP10. Keine probleme.
  4. Keld

    Sascha Felix

    Very sad indeed. My deepest thoughts goes to his family. And we in the flightsim community, have indeend lost a great person, RIP Sascha .
  5. Good thing i bought XP10, clearly the way to go .
  6. So !!! Specs for FLIGHT http://www.flightsim...12/flig0104.htm Scenery: Hawaii           {moderator comment Renamed the topic}        
  7. They are on the 9'th DVD. After install - try looking in the custom scenery folder. Lots of other maps for airports are there
  8. I'l just answer this myself YOU SHIPPED TODAY !!!!!
  9. Are we on track with the releasedate - REALLY miss my order
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