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  1. Hi Shaun I am following the ATC instructions and heading he gives me and then at 20 miles out I switch to nav.I think I am on a heading of about 250 degrees from the ATC,but cant seem to get a strong lock from the radio on nav 1.Have tried nav1 and nav 2 but with the same results.If use heading control and the gps as a guide as soon as I reach about 5 miles and switch to approach things work fine.??? Will keep trying and instead of the default aircraft I will use my 757-200 with fmc to see if that can work it out. Regards, Norma.
  2. Hi Shaun,I put the file in the correct place and since then I have conducted some tests just using the defualt aircraft and flying the same route. At least now ATC seem to direct me to the correct runway,but that leaves me with another problem.On an ILS approach to runway 27R I put in the correct radio frequencies and at about 20 miles out switch to NAV.I can hear the ILS beacon on that frequency and my instruments pick it but the aircraft seems to have lots of trouble coming on to that signal.It moves wildly left and right as though it cant get a good lock,at that point I manualy steer using the GPS as a guide to the runway.At 5 miles I switch to approach and the aircraft responds with no problems.Any ideas Shaun.??? Thanks for All your help, Regards, Norma.
  3. Hi Shaun,thanks for the file.Have done as you suggested and will give it a try soonest. Regards, Norma.
  4. Hi Shaun,OK I am a BIG NOOBIE at flight sim as you can probably tell...so whats an AFCAD.?? I have been to the download section but cant seem to find it.?If I find it what do I do with it.( where does it go ) and what does it do.? Its a shame that things dont seem to work properly as Its a nice airport and I have just brought the Concord back into service again through Traffic X and it would look great taking off from Heathrow. OK Shaun thanks again for your help, I wont be beat..ehehe. Regards, Norma.
  5. Hi All,more problems with this airport...whew...Now the ILS does not seem to work correctly..I flew from Manchester to Heathrow using the 747 defualt aircraft under ATC control and was told to land on runway 09L ILS.I put in the correct frequency of 110.3 and was put on the correct heading and altitued for landing but the aircraft did not pick up the ILS beacon.I let the aircraft continue and over the centre of the runway it suddenly found the beacon and dove me and my passengers into the ground. I tried again with my favourite aircraft the 757-200 with exactly the same results...weird or what.. Any Ideas Guys, Norma Hulme.
  6. Hi Shaun,thanks for the advice...weird but things seem to have resolved themselves and the traffic is flowing ok now.But I keep getting aircraft shadows over the airport.Is there a fix for this.?? Regards, Norma Hulme.
  7. Hi Chris,I just did a scan of Traffic X for those files but they dont seem to be present.??Does Heathrow seem to be a problem airport for FSX.?? Regards, Hoser13....Peter.
  8. Hi Chris,thanks for that but I seem to be having loads of problems with Heathrow.I get big aircraft shadows moving over the airfield and it is so slow about 5 to 10 fps.I have everything turned down to minimums and my traffic is nearly none existant..Would be gratefull for any advice.As you can tell i am a BIG Noobie at all this but I wont let it beat me:) Thanks again for the advice, Hoser13...Peter.
  9. Hi All,I recently purchased Mega Heathrow and seem to be having some problems.I use Traffic X to populate the airport but the AI dont seem to be able to taxi properly.They are running all over the grass areas and trying to take off from taxi ways.Could anyone tell me if there is a fix for this as Traffic X is a great program. Regards, Hoser13...Peter.
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