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  1. From a manual translation perspective: should I change it from 5 to 10 minutes in the manual? Since the figure was updated here.
  2. Yeah, I guess. If you don't have a throttle axis then that's what you should do. If you do have an axis I'm pretty sure you can either use F4-F5 or set your own (easier to reach) keybind to switch between reverse on/off.
  3. Oh, really? Thanks dude, It's way better than my assignment... I've set the T3 button on the quadrant to toggle between reverse on/off and then use the throttle in the same way to reverse as to go forward, kinda like in a car. I think I'll adopt your method lol
  4. Well, there's an option in the EFB for "Axis has no reverse thrust" and you could just tick that and do it with your mouse, the axis in mfs is definitely tied to the reverse in the CRJ, I was just asking to be sure.
  5. I think what @xiao8080 meant is that on some peripherals (for instance the Saitek/Logitech quadrant) the reverse part is technically not on the same axis and is technically a "button" as far as MFS is concerned, there's either MAX or no reverse. Some quadrants may have reverse on the actual axis (I wouldn't know because I have flown with the Saitek for all of my time as a FlightSimmer) but the concern is that that might not work with the configuration in the EFB, if not I suppose default reverse key assignments work on the CRJ? I've gotten pretty used to mine by now.
  6. Hahaha, you're killing me. It's so funny hearing what some people (on TV) are actually thinking, couldn't agree more. Have a nice day (well, evening/night at this point)!
  7. Hey! That's cool! Can't wait to get my hands on it to see what it's like. I've seen a few livery requests in here and I guess I might try to make some of those people happy if you haven't already (I haven't seen a complete livery list yet and you probably noticed the IBEX suggestions and so on, so I'll probably be a bit late). It's nice to hear though.
  8. Yeah, I agree but let's just ignore them huh, doesn't make sense to blow up something like that into a huge deal.
  9. Yup, people spend their time being angry about things that don't matter now. I agree. And the whole decal vs 9999999999999K textures thing is like when I tried to get my friend to use discord instead of skype. I know it might not be the most relatable metaphor, but hey ho Discord has objectively better sound quality and decals take less disk space while also providing better oportunities for details.
  10. Well, I was wondering about the same thing. That sure sounds like one of the worst things for a new pilot just concerned about his aircraft's safety to go through.
  11. Oh Yeah, I'm already counting down to the first Day of q4 for the pmdg 737, no way it's healthy but it's good to be excited! Of course I've got a few hundre hours with the 737 in X-Plane and before that in FSX but the CRJ is a completely new plane to me, so it's a different kind of anticipation. It's my kind of plane, you know? I tend to like flying shortser hops in an aircraft that likes keeping you bussy, and there it is: the CRJ. I'm excited for All of the other planes too, believe me but; This one might well become my New favorite! And that's fun, and I'm just waitin'. You do you, but I th
  12. Hey! Good question. I've got several addons without blinds so I just look away in game as to not get the sun in my virtual eyes. It'd be a nice courtesy/gimmick if nothing else.
  13. Really? For me it's Day 158, my family must hate me by now...
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