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  1. I wouldn't say groundbreaking lol. I'll look at it though, tend to look for liveries before making them too, but I forgot to once. That was now, the one time when it actually mattered....
  2. Might look at making some toothpaste, yeah. I made the new livery per request and then I saw that someone else had done it before me XD
  3. Hi, I already said yes but I've got a bit of the backlog for the time being.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional CRJ700 in the new Air Canada Express livery. The registration is taken from a CRJ900 as Air Canada Express don't operate the 700 variant. Enjoy the new livery! And yes, I did forget to add a thumbnail, I'll do so later. I don't have time now lol.
  5. I have some free time now and that looks like a pretty easy livery to make, give me until tomorrow (utc+1) and I'll probably have something ready.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Binter CRJ700, the registration is taken from a CRJ1000 as Binter has never operated the CRJ700. The matching between the different parts of the tail was a bit tricky, I hope to find the time to update and improve it in th future. For now it is what it is. I also hope to maybe make a livery for the 900/1000 when it releases.
  7. I decided against trying to align the textures on the engines to the fuselage. It'd be really hard... Also, it's an adapted livery either way so I can take some freedoms I suppose.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional CRJ700 with Hawaiian airlines. The livery is based of off the 717 and 767. Hawaiian does not operate this aircraft, yet it's fun to fly around in the wonderfull CRJ over the beautifull Hawaiian islands.
  9. Meh, I think one livery per RL livery is enough for now (I say per livery instead of per airline since I've already made two SAS liveries lol). I think it's good to focus on making the onces that haven't been released for nowm such as west air and Hawaiian, even though none of them operate the 700 it's a fun plane to fly in those regions.
  10. https://flightsim.to/file/10612/aerosoft-crj-700-skywest Man! I was in the process of making this livery and then I found that someone else did it on flightsim.to! I mean... To their credit they-are-quick! Almost too quick
  11. See, here's where the misconceptions come in. You don't need a paint kit to make a livery for an existing aircraft. For instance: MS/ASOBO never released a paint kit for the default A320 Neo, yet there are hundreds of liveries for it. There is a 3rd party paint kit but it was made after some of the liveries, how were the liveries made? This is the front section of my most recent livery (The pre-2019 SAS livery) These files exist and look pretty similar to the default liveries, essentially how I made the background white here (and sort of made my own paint kit) was that I started wit
  12. Version 1.1.0


    I have seen quite a few SAS liveries, and all of them (so far) except for this and my other SAS livery have been SAS' new livery. Currently the new livery isn't on a lot of the CRJ's. EI-FPM is one of SAS'/CityJet's CRJ 900's. When the 900/1000 expantion comes out I think I'll make these liveries for the 900 as well but for now let's just enjoy the 700 even though this livery belongs on a 900. It's also a welcome thing for people who don't intend to buy the addon as well, it's nice to have some 900 liveries for the 700 as well.
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