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  1. Hi, I just bought Aerosoft Oslo and did my first departure from it. Today there was a heavy fog and a poor visibility (0.1 sm, max 0.9sm) and I couldn't see the taxi lights. Is there a way to turn them on in low vis condition ? Same results with and without EA mode Thank you
  2. Hi, I just installed EDDK but the SODE jetways are missing from my downloadds (aerosoft shop). How can I get the jetways ?
  3. Nope, I just installed the A320 with RAAS, no crash while launching and it is working perfectly !
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, I just reinstalled my QW787 (without removing it before, but maybe just a trueglass and realight reinstall will work) and now trueglass is working again on my 787. It il also working on the A320 as you can see below :
  5. Hi @yvesamuel There have been issues with the latest compilers from LM, you can follow the latest news here :
  6. Thanks for your reply ! I didn't had the problem since I reported it, but I will enable the logs, just in case. Currently doing a flight, no problems so far !
  7. Hello, I was doing a flight between KDCA and CYUL, A319 CFM version, cruising at FL370, not far from KLGA. I was trying to remove a waypoint in my flightplan when suddenly the mcdu froze. I was still able to control the rest of the aircraft, but there was no more mcdu (left and right, settings mcdu still working) and printer. I recorded the issues, saved the logs and saved my flight via KsimSaver. And then I closed P3D. I restarted P3D and loaded my save. I just had to reload my flightplan, the rest was ok. I am currently finishing my flight. I recorded the issue, the vide
  8. EDIT : I have the same problem as Meyerflyer, but it was my first time since I own the Airbus. I had another strange problem, just few minutes ago. When the load sheet was supposed to be printed, I heard the printer sound but there was no paper. I thought that the paper was invisible, but i could not click on it (usually that works). Then I tried to print again by pressing the AIDS Print button. I had the sound again, but still no paper. And when i clicked on the printer, my game crashed 😕 A320CFM, version OS : Windows 10 Pro, Addons : Orbx, Active sky, Aer
  9. I just had this problem. A320 CFM, version
  10. I just had the same problem, but this time with the A319 CFM. Screenshots below, logs in attached .zip. This time I also activated the pause at TOD, but it didn't worked. I was also AFK, and found my plane hitting the water (crash disabled in game). A319CFM_LIML_LICJ_crash_logs.rar LIMLLICJ01.flp
  11. ISSUE : sudden speed drop Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Simulator version: P3D v4.4.16.27077 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: FS2Crew, Active Sky for P3D v4, Rex Sky Force, Aerosoft EGLL and LXGB, ORBX LEBB + Global System specs: i5-7600K, 16GBRAM, GTX1070, NVIDIA drivers version 419.65 Description of the issue: I was afk for 2 minutes, and when i went back to my computer the speed was dropping. I was cruising at FL340 between EGLL and LXGB. I diverted to LEBB. Location of the issue in the screenshot. Aribus A320 IAE British Airways G-EUUU Are
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