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  1. Hi, I just installed EDDK but the SODE jetways are missing from my downloadds (aerosoft shop). How can I get the jetways ?
  2. Nope, I just installed the A320 with RAAS, no crash while launching and it is working perfectly !
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, I just reinstalled my QW787 (without removing it before, but maybe just a trueglass and realight reinstall will work) and now trueglass is working again on my 787. It il also working on the A320 as you can see below :
  4. Hi @yvesamuel There have been issues with the latest compilers from LM, you can follow the latest news here :
  5. Thanks for your reply ! I didn't had the problem since I reported it, but I will enable the logs, just in case. Currently doing a flight, no problems so far !
  6. Hello, I was doing a flight between KDCA and CYUL, A319 CFM version, cruising at FL370, not far from KLGA. I was trying to remove a waypoint in my flightplan when suddenly the mcdu froze. I was still able to control the rest of the aircraft, but there was no more mcdu (left and right, settings mcdu still working) and printer. I recorded the issues, saved the logs and saved my flight via KsimSaver. And then I closed P3D. I restarted P3D and loaded my save. I just had to reload my flightplan, the rest was ok. I am currently finishing my flight. I recorded the issue, the video is not uploaded yet. This issue also happened to me before (whit the previous version), during a LPPT - LPMA flight (A320 this time if i recall correctly). The same issue happened, and the descent mode froze (the issue happened to me while in descent). The aircraft was not decending, and the speed was not decreasing. I had to do it manually. Specifications : Windows 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070, Intel i5 7600k, P3D version 4.4 Any idea about the origin of the problem ? Thanks. EDIT : Video here KDCACYUL01.flp MCDU + Printer freeze.rar
  7. EDIT : I have the same problem as Meyerflyer, but it was my first time since I own the Airbus. I had another strange problem, just few minutes ago. When the load sheet was supposed to be printed, I heard the printer sound but there was no paper. I thought that the paper was invisible, but i could not click on it (usually that works). Then I tried to print again by pressing the AIDS Print button. I had the sound again, but still no paper. And when i clicked on the printer, my game crashed šŸ˜• A320CFM, version OS : Windows 10 Pro, Addons : Orbx, Active sky, Aerosoft EDDB, Rex Sky Force The program Prepar3D.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: f70 Start Time: 01d4e7b1142cf0b5 Termination Time: 51 Application Path: T:\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Report Id: 461c2014-5d23-4254-93f1-e5c85dda036e Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  8. I just had this problem. A320 CFM, version
  9. I just had the same problem, but this time with the A319 CFM. Screenshots below, logs in attached .zip. This time I also activated the pause at TOD, but it didn't worked. I was also AFK, and found my plane hitting the water (crash disabled in game). A319CFM_LIML_LICJ_crash_logs.rar LIMLLICJ01.flp
  10. ISSUE : sudden speed drop Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Simulator version: P3D v4.4.16.27077 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: FS2Crew, Active Sky for P3D v4, Rex Sky Force, Aerosoft EGLL and LXGB, ORBX LEBB + Global System specs: i5-7600K, 16GBRAM, GTX1070, NVIDIA drivers version 419.65 Description of the issue: I was afk for 2 minutes, and when i went back to my computer the speed was dropping. I was cruising at FL340 between EGLL and LXGB. I diverted to LEBB. Location of the issue in the screenshot. Aribus A320 IAE British Airways G-EUUU Are you able to reproduce the issue? If so, what are the exact steps you are taking for this issue to happen? -> The same issue happened in the same flight few weeks ago, on the same plane, but not same place (I was climbing out of EGLL when it happened). I didn't have logs activated. Flight plan and screenshots below. EGLLLXGB01.flp
  11. Hi, During my flight, I changed the local time, and my chronometer was showing negative time. I wanted to know if this is normal. I don't remember having this problem before. I have recorded the situation (the screen went black when i changed the time, this is normal). Thanks 2019-02-07 19-46-53.flv
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