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  1. When you pass that point and you need to divert you would go to that airport.
  2. Hi ray, I just programmed ebbr to egcc and my init alt is FL320. This is with the b738. As far as routing there is only one routing available that is the shortest. Other wise you would first need to go bergi waypoint and by pass the whole south of the UK. I removed the route restrictions by setting the altitude to FL220. It appears the altitude capping isn’t correct.
  3. Thank you. My version is v1.00 and I hav einstalled both hotfixes from the hotfix list.
  4. i have p3d v4 and only the professional installed.
  5. I tried but it went wrong I just wait for a update for this scenery.
  6. in accordance with the charts published under Airac 1812 EDDh rwy 15 ils/loc has course of 150 degrees and freq 109.55 but the airport has 111.35 as the freq. Can this be corrected.
  7. Interesting about the weather engine that is being used. But I do like to manually edit when necessary.
  8. Yeah but the daily nat tracks are based the weather and the airspace that is open between the first nat tracks and the rest is reserved for the eastbound nat tracks.
  9. Hi all, i don't know if this is asked before but why doesn't PFPX follow nat tracks accurately. i know of random routings on the north Atlantic but even a normal USA destination gives me a weird routing. and when manually editing the routes via advanced i input three fixes that belong to one NAT track and the routing then uses two nat tracks.
  10. my question is should this double B744 marking be there at stand 515 at LEMD.
  11. i just did a test in Barcelona at stand 270 with the pmdg 747-400 and they connect perfectly.
  12. this is entirely related to the config files for the aircraft that you are using. i suspect that your ai uses the proper settings.
  13. I can confirm that the jetways are turned inwards more then it should have.
  14. there is a new version 123e which should solve the stutters.
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