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  1. phlpeo

    ECAM button ALL

    shows a thanks page instead of the ENG and then goes blank. and what is the interval rate that is modeled then? this should be rather rapid
  2. phlpeo

    wind request

    a standard .pln format is used.
  3. phlpeo

    wind request

    have you loaded in a flightplan into active sky. for me that works to get in the wind data.
  4. the ignition on the A330 RR see below. status also on the a330 RR
  5. the FUEL Pred page is correct .
  6. on the INIT B page the take off weight is different than what the Gross weight shows on the ecam. the LAW is missing cause i havent put in the route as i was testing the Fuelplanner as well to get it to show the correct values.
  7. perhaps i clicked wrong but they do work. i have just tried them.
  8. The CLR button on the TCAS panel doesnt work. normally this should clear any previously put in squawk.
  9. phlpeo

    ECAM button ALL

    i use the a320 from another dev that does simulate the feature.
  10. phlpeo

    ECAM button ALL

    it is a very basic feature tbh. one that should also be present on the a320 family.
  11. Those only show speeds for Config 1+F but Config 2 is also used on departure certainly near the higher weights.
  12. phlpeo

    ECAM button ALL

    When reaching cruise Altitude i was planning on going through all the ecam pages. Normally clicking the all button on the ecam page selection panel infront of the throttle will cycle through all the pages. However the a330 didn't not allow for this to happen. I can visit all pages by clicking the corresponding buttons but not the all button.
  13. Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans is the location however pfpx locations arent modifiable. so that needs an update.
  14. i have modified the gsx profile to use the catering truck on door 2R but it wont auto open or close like door 1R. is it possible to also add that behavior to door 2R as well.
  15. i was flying out of LSZH and i wanted to alter the thrust reduction, the thrust acceleration and engine out acceleration values to what i have in an airport database for that airport. however this was not possible therefor doing an NADP1 departure fails.
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