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  1. So I am on the current Airbus A320 version. The flaps on the TCA quadrant jump around. Not sure why? Version I am running is It works fine on the A330. Any ideas? Speed break and all works as well. Throttle is a bit sensitive for reverse since updating.
  2. Sorry to bring up an old thread. Great instructions. However my A319/A320 configurator does not have the throttle quadrant addon. A330 configurator does but the A319/A320 configurator does not. I am on for A319/A320.
  3. From a business perspective I can see Aerosoft’s stance on the situation. However I do think P3D is not “dead” in fact LM released an update (v5.3) which shows me they are continuing to update the P3D. I understand that Aerosoft won’t spend much on updates as there are a lot of other developers moving to MSFS2020 and rightfully so it’s the new simulator on the block, and I can understand you got to go where there will be substantial profit. While I do wish Aerosoft will continue updating the Airbuses and CRJ for P3D I also understand the position they are in. I can attest that I have installed P3Dv5.3 and I can successfully load up the Aerosoft Airbus professional series in the sim with out any issues.
  4. Thank you for your very detailed clarification Herman. I had misread the original post of FSX. For the OP, in my experience I’ve found some freeware you could try and see for FSX. However again, I agree there should at least be a decent A350 out for FSX and P3D. Thank you again for your detailed response.
  5. I wish there was an A350 for P3D. We definitely need one bad.
  6. Hello Aerosoft team, I have a question and suggestion if not implemented. is it possible to connect to the efb via an external device say an iPad or another tablet? If not would make an awesome suggestion for a future update. And im sure it can be easier to connect if on the same WiFi network. Best regards,
  7. Hello, I am requesting some more Delta Airlines liveries for the A319, A320, A321. I would love to see a Skyteam Delta livery on the A320 if possible.
    This Delta livery Along with others I have definitely meet my expectations. Great job! I love the darker hue of blue on the tail and engines.
    Nice Delta Livery. I was wondering if and when you can if possibly could make a Delta SkyTeam livery for the A330? This is my favorite.
  8. Looks really nice @steve dra I can’t wait to take the Delta A330 up for a flight. Once I can get performance figured out.
  9. I like what you did with the repaint for this Delta Model. Even though it is a fictional livery, I still like it. My only concern is a registration number on the exterior. But very nice model otherwise.
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