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    • Dear all,   I've noticed during app, if we change data from Perf Appr page at any height, the FMS will always take that into account. The FMS should not take into account any change below 700' RA as at this height all the data is stored(frezze in the memory) and any change(you may change any value on perf appr page) will have no effect.   Maybe this was raised earlier, but GSmini is not working, at least for the A330. I dont know about the 20 family. I assume it is as its mentioned in the manual for boeing pilots to understand airbus(forgot the title, but its a funny one)   Thank you
    • Hello all,   I dont use activesky, but may I ask if Activesky simulates the tropopause changes, and how does the simulator interpret that data? I am asking because I never tried to fly at an high level from a area with a high tropopause into an area with much lower tropopause in the simulator, but the 1st scenario shown by pierre fsx is exacly that irl. Could it be?
    • Dear @yvesamuel,   If what you are looking for is the funtion of the FMS to automatically limit your speed at a certain threshold - usually 250kt below 10000' AAL - you have that option in the vertical revision page. To access vertical revision page simply click on one of the right LSKs related to any climb or descend waypoint. This will open the vertical revision page for that waypoint.   Here you will find, among other options, CLB SPD LIM or DES SPD LIM that can be edited for your needs. In your particular case I assume you wanna use 240/14300.   Just as additional info, 4300ft airfield is not considered an high altitude yet. Usually thats for 8000'+   Have a great day!
    • Anyone know what might be causing this? I just downloaded the latest versions from Simmarket today and each installer (A318/19,A320/21,A330) runs through the install procedure but hangs. During this time P3D gets launched. Once I kill the P3D process, the AS installer completes. Everything seems to installed, but the addon.xml does not make it into the library -- so the aircraft will not show up in the sim.   I'm installing as admin and have my AV turned off.    Just to update: I can add the xml files manually and all aircraft appear in the sim and load up just fine. Still, such an odd problem -- never seen it before.
    • Not working for me.  Are you using Navigraph or NavData Pro? EDIT, it seems its working now.  The click spot seems a bit small though.  I have to actually click the handle of the magnifying glass to get the keyboard. 
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