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  2. Still CTDs on the links or docs.
  3. Es gibt für Linda eine neue A330 pro Beta! Die alte A3xxx ist für den Airbus 330 wohl nicht optimal.
  4. First of all congratulations for the release of the A330 it is truly a very welcome addition to my hanger. Just some problem that me and my friend encountered. INTEG lights cause simulator to pause Parking brake does not set for both of us engines don't start for both us MCDU/sync displays. What does it do? APU, AC panel, Batteries don't display properly Tables don't extend The printer does not print radios display don't switch on or off MCDU is very buggy in regards to the display This is only how the aircraft behaves under shared cockpit. Other wise when using it as a single pilot it's perfect
  5. Same problem here.... It makes no sense that the SGSS makes the range rings disappear.... Please Aerosoft, fix that
  6. Did a complete reinstall and the reverse thrust worked correctly on the first flight but not on the second flight...
  7. Update: no joy did the fixer still same guess its other things but real strange doesn't do it with QW or PMDG. Ill keep working around. Ill try doing a restart of PC too. But gitta go bed now Ill also try a fresh install of .NET after fixer
  8. Sorry to report that the reverse thrust failed again on the second flight
  9. Hi there i write you today because on the ecam i've got that the brakes are hot and when i tryed to cool them i didn't found the BRK FAN can you help me with that ? Thank you
  10. I removed REX environment and updated Nvidia driver to 441.66. No more kernalbase.dll errors. This only works for me when using the Airbus 330. Hope it helps
  11. hi Dave came here from the other post yes I have other stuff orbx fsdt etc installed and I am running HF2 as was asked. I guess ill try .net fixer and if not ill get round it as I have been for a while now
  12. Problem erkannt! Schalter am Overheadpanel funktioniert, wenn linda nicht aktiv ist. Die Tastenbelegung über Linda funktioniert beim A330 verkehrt herum Off ist on / On ist off Da passt wohl einiges in der Konfiguration nicht, werde denen mal schreiben. mopple vielen Dank für deine Mühe!
  13. The problem come from Nvidia Inspector... The A330 don't support 8x SGSS ! Very strange
  14. I've messed around with the PFPX.txt file to attempt at editing the OFP, but I have had no success so I'm reaching out here. What I'm trying to change on the OFP is to be able to show Estimate Time of Arrivals for waypoints. So if the departure time is set to 12:00, I should reach waypoint X at 13:05. Can someone please enlighten me on what to change in the OFP, if it's even possible? Thanks, Carl
  15. Today
  16. I'm going to PM your something and we can discuss before continuing here in the thread.
  17. Hello, i don't understand why for a few days the operation of checklist (pilot and co-pilot ar on) is erratic. The pilot no longer executes all requests from co-pilot..i try to look for where is the function that cannot be executed to do myself manually. Using the skip item is not a solution. The check liste is incomplete. Thank for yours replies. Michel
  18. Sorry, Herr Flichtbeil, ich habe Sie in der vorhergehenden E-mail einfach gedutzt. Das war unhöflich von mir.


    Viele Grüße


    Peter Wegener

  19. good evening I was able to resolve the problem. I renamed the file: "texture.F-GZCA" and by magic the plane appeared. thank you for your help and good luck for your good work.
  20. AAL painted by world renowned artist SD is coming! Best news of the day!
  21. I have I do like it but was wondering if the other way was possible. Thank you for an amazing bus!
  22. On another note, i recommend getting editvoicepack to speed up the ATC speech.
  23. Where is the keyboard for the EFB? I cant find it . . . Thanks
  24. Thanks Steve, truly great news and much appreciated.
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