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Preview Norilsk X

Mathijs Kok

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We said it a few times but at Aerosoft we like to make our sim flights hard. One of things that does that is weather. And boy oh boy, Norilsk has some serious weather. See the climate chart I'll include. Release not yet scheduled but not too far off!





































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Fantastic place, home of the really smart looking Nordstar 738's! I really enjoy flying to isolated and remote places, and finally a runway with a slope!

Quick question:

how the #&% are the AI aircraft going to land on that runway? And no, "with a lot of vodkas" is not an acceptable answer!

AI will never be able to use runways that are not unrealistically flat. One of the limits of an outdated platform.

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AI will never be able to use runways that are not unrealistically flat. One of the limits of an outdated platform.

Will there be an option to disable the slope, so users who prefer AI over a sloped runway like me (being a AI-fanboy) could enjoy it even more? :)

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Runway Angle 2.67deg

From Jeppesen:


RWY slope is beyond limits. Use extreme caution during landing.

Take-off and landings for CAT B, C and D acft shall be carried out when the crosswind speed is

0.85 of the maximum value, at that the value of the crosswind component shall be reduced by 1m per

sec under the appropriate friction coeficient specified in the AOM.

Looking really challenging & interesting :).

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Great to see that the 2 good FS9/1 x FSX (upgrade from FS9) freeware sceneries now will come as 2013 payware with new technic...sloped RW hmm yes, yes us AI fanatics, like myself must live with it, but FS9 & FSX has it's limits - no matter what, i look forward to this scenery ;-)

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Great to hear and see this - finally another Russian airport in high quality. I'm really looking forward to this release, as it's looking awesome already!

A question: But where is the problem to make a bit sloped runways for example at the MA Munich Scenery?

The problem - as far as I understand it - lies in FSX's incapability of having AI traffic on sloped runways. Now on airports like Norilsk (or Cuzco or Lukla, for that matter), where there isn't that much traffic, this will probably not be any problem. However, it would most likely turn into one when it's about large airports, such as Munich, because it would force arriving or departing AI traffic to disappear. And since a) many people - including myself - are using AI traffic, and B) Aerosoft themselves publish AI traffic packages, why should they attempt such a thing then? And where's the great challenge - I mean as far as I know most runways are not as flat as FSX makes them, but they don't usually have an extremely steep slope which makes landing and/or departing much more difficult.

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One of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, the soil is so polluted that it is economically viable to explore it for mineral ore (according to wikipedia, of course) - this is certainly an interesting place to visit virtually - it will make a nice cargo flight from Anchorage, at less than 5000 Km. It is a long flight but the arrival's difficulty level makes it worth it.

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Looks pretty Good. The only problem I see with this is ,that it's not located central. It's somewhere in Russia and only the Hardcore Russian Fans might buy it.

Well, Lukla is not exactly at the heart of our customer spread and it will is one of our best selling scenery products. Just as Australia has a very limited potential customer base (just not that many Australians) but it does not seem to hurt OrbX.

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Maybe some static aircraft could be added, so the apron doesn't look so deserted, especially as there won't be any AI traffic? :)

The following AIRLINES have regular flights to Norilsk : AEROFLOT (Rossiya), NORDAVIA, NORDSTAR,S7 SIBERIAN AIRLINES, TRANSAERO & URAL AIRLINES....so it's not that empty :)

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