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    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    year it is complex both to get the right details in the objects by texture, especially the work needed to support the FSX lighting and the P3D of cause some edits in material but extra work. Also the main 3d model has to be well optimised by intelligent shortcuts, as my ex. show this 3d model from the weekend would never be a good object for simulator as even it is build up like in reality by details, but to heavy even in the 3d model program. So there is much thinking in bringing down the impact and still have a real look. But by the look at the lighting in the pictures it look different even same object. To complete the story the pictures is a mix taken over development but compare the firs that is from the 3d program and it looks fine but the last could be the final look in the simulator. Of cause when working you might use some parameters to compensate so it looks a bit closer to the sim in the 3d program. like in the graphical world where you got standards for the program to give a simulation of how it would look by print. It is a rough gif animation but is just to illustrate how different it even can look in the 3d program.
  2. The general concerns about it being a small and limited area is right, but I guess the plan is to expand the area over time by other add-ons or at least what I hope. Just like they did in the world of FSX and P3D, where some developer wanted to release Germany in parts when another big developer still was more in USA and Australia area as far as I remember. Even there is the difference that in FSX and P3D you got some airports, objects, autogen and textures blended all over the world. That is where Aerofly FS2 falls behind as it is the limited areas included and purchased separately, but is photo scenery and not just mixed textures but would be to big for the whole world, look at X-plane how much that is by default and then you can add the photo scenery. But Aerosoft has a lot of German airport projects for FSX if they expand from Helgoland and in towards Germanys center it might be interesting. but of cause cost a bit I guess. But alternatively a EU region / German region or how it could be, by a concept by a blend of textures and objects like FSX but would take time and not represent it better then FSX or P3D in the long term, but expand the world more then the first option and give more airports to fly to and from even there is not as true to life and then expand out from that by more detailed add-on airports. ' But we would see as time progress, I just think we need to think a bit out of the box and see how it expands, as it is a relative new platform where new and old developers expands the world already as seen over at steam, where FSX and P3D developers are in. But there are quite some platforms to select between, that can be a benefit or disadvantage for the over all success of the individual platform.

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Here is a few pictures of My flight yesterday, it was Nice i had an option to try and see the crj since the beta testing some years ago, I was part of. Even the pc it was testet by was not optimal. Think I would share My experince as it is some time since last post in here. Hope we Can get it back by some Nice pictures. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to All. Here is a post card if you like:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/136591-merry-christmas/ Sent from my Phone. 2017-12-23_14-27-0-30.BMP 2017-12-23_14-36-27-173 (1).BMP 2017-12-23_14-27-45-890.BMP 2017-12-23_14-38-6-985.BMP
  4. Well I did have some spare time, so I did a small PDF file, now that I can´t fly as i only got this old laptop and some old pictures. The PDF contains a few pictures from. FS9, FSX, X-Plane 10 and 11 and then Outerra sadly i did not have any from Aerofly FS1 i got or the new version 2. as it could be nice to create a time line, from the very first to the latest simulator. FS to x-plane.pdf

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Perhaps because it is your livery´s, as far as I remember But sadly also the last from my old PC.. As currently I got no PC only this old laptop from the past, that cant even run well, but is how it is due to life situation, that is far from bright, but that is another story, which is frustrating and can´t seem to find a full time job/education for living. But thanks for the kind words my friend, as I am happy you like them.

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Aerosoft A319 operation

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Samos - 29palms and Carenado - S550 Citation II both in the store, 2 good products from a few shots merged in to 1 picture.

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Here is a evening picture from Billund X in the Flight Replicas "North Star / Argonaut" just before we get ready to fly.

    Madeira X not working

    yes but then go remove the files as they was placed as I know it is not like a pay-ware where you often just could uncheck it but since the freeware is located in the Add-on Scenery folder it is loaded at all time other then if you unchek it but not the right thing to do. so better go the steps and remove it.. but I see a problem if you got other projects in the Add-on Scenery folder, but it is the reason developers do there own folders to prevent such problems.. I know I flight1 tool where you can build your own stuff uses this folder and is smart for your onw small projects but for released ones it is advised to do it different as far as I recall from there manual. but of cause not your fault

    Madeira X not working

    well so you only add that file ? no edit to any other file already in the sim.. so if it was added well then just remove it and it might work

    Madeira X not working

    Well what file was it you edit where was it located? and what project was it you use just so we know

    Caption contest!

    yes it looks like a storage area at the gate corner as the metal seems to be the gate but any way.. guess It was meant more for fun or am I wrong

    Caption contest!

    1) Do not carry you hand prostheses in hand luggage.. 2) Do not use a suitcase cart to transport children in the car seats or as part of luggage.. 3) Do not use damage or fault wheelchairs.. hmm funny one...

    Altitude won't hold

    well you use toga power you have to move the throttles back a bit to CLB detent during the climb.. The MAN TOGA would be replaced by a green text that depends on the stage of flight.. and since you are in toga the power is set to toga and speed protection would try prevent you from over speed and the only way is to climb and what you are talking about, as the pane is not in the detent so it can adjust the speed..