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  1. Hello, just noticed the newspaper for the first time. Is there any option to globally disable all these animations (newspaper, coffee cup, ...)? Cheers, Sebastian
  2. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=china+express+aerosoft&CatID=root&Go=Search
  3. Don't want to pressure you Holgi, but is there any ETA for the Duo Airways paint?
  4. Hello, it is just a detail, but I just noticed that the D-ACNN repaint supplied with the aircraft still has Eurowings titles on the thumbnail, whereas the repaint already sports the updated Lufthansa Cityline titles. Maybe the thumbnail can be corrected for the next version? Cheers, Sebastian
  5. I am still experiencing the problem with the AP turning away from the FMS route when in Nav mode. Using the latest 1.005c .dll version. It happened as I was enroute departing from KSEA on my way to KBIL, ATC route SEATL5 SEA DCT MLP DCT CONUK KUSTR1. Leaving via the SEATL5 departure I initially proceeded on vectors, before going direct to MLP. There the problem started and the aircraft went into a steep right hand turn. I continued in HDG mode up to MLP and thereafter tried to direct-to towards CONUK, but still the same outcome. The aircraft started to bank to the right and left the FMS course. Here is a screenshot taken in said situation: https://ibb.co/hCHjSF I am using the 1.005c .dll in my FSX with SP2. Thanks! Sebastian
  6. Is there an ETA for simmarket customers?
  7. Maybe something for the UK? Would love to see someone do these two beauties: http://www.airliners.net/photo/British-Airways-Duo-Airways/Bombardier-CRJ-700-CL-600-2C10/428691/L http://www.airliners.net/photo/Duo-Airways/Bombardier-CRJ-701ER-CL-600-2C10/499481/L
  8. Oh I can definitely relate to that, in fact I also did a few repaints and even uploaded most of them to various flightsim sites...but nowhere near the amount you have completed over the years. I really loved painting exotic liveries, but my time has been quite limited over the last few years, as I have been lucky to get the opportunity to set out and start a real world flying career. Therefore I am glad if I have some time for some flightsimming then and now...let alone painting aircraft. The KLM story sounds really specal, a very nice gift for someone ending his as it seems very long career.
  9. Steve, thanks for your outstanding work, not only with the CRJ now, but with all your repaints. I have been enjoying your work for many years now and I think that those contributions are what really make the flight sim community so special. Thank you!
  10. I just can second that! Would be great if the "old" Eurowings operating for germanwings paint could be made available for everyone. Just found out that the Eurowings paintkit from the linked thread still includes the old textures, so I think it wouldn't be very hard to publish them for everyone.
  11. Any updated plans on which versions of the A330 will eventually be covered? ("Just" the -300 RR, all -300 engine versions or maybe even the -200s?)
  12. PS: I have just checked my default repaints, and I'm not sure if they are too bright as well...could someone maybe take a screenshot of the Monarch A321 that comes with the busses from about the same viewing point? I am standing in LOWW with the default Fair Weather theme at noon in summer.
  13. Hello, I have recently downloaded and installed a third-party Austrian Airlines repaint from Avsim (https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=texture.austrian_airlines_oe-lbb.zip&Author=&CatID=) for the A321. Unfortunately the paint is very bright and glossy in my FSX, going so far that I would say it is unflyable. I do not have any mods like SweetFX installed, nor are the Alpha-Channels corrupted. At this point I'm not sure if it is a problem with the repaint or with some setting in my FSX and maybe someone on this forum also has the repaint installed and can quickly check what it looks like in his sim. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Sebastian
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