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  1. lindbergh72

    Checklists and Semi intelligent co-pilot

    Dear Mr. Kok, First I want to say, great job with the "bus" :-) I love it... But I miss something, like you have in the old version. Where you could choose different language for the Pilot and FO. for the checklist. Is it possible to add this again? Kind regards Frank
  2. lindbergh72

    Airbus A319 CFM Lufthansa D-AILU

    Thanks Holgi and Happy new year :-)
  3. lindbergh72

    Airbus A319 IAE United Airlines N803UA

    Great livery :-) I like it
  4. lindbergh72

    Airbus A320 IAE jetBlue N775JB

    Thanks Holgi :-) I love it
  5. lindbergh72

    Planned and delivered (links and pictures)

    I wish you could make this baby :-)
  6. lindbergh72

    Planned and delivered (links and pictures)

    Great work Holgi :-) you must be busy right now?
  7. lindbergh72

    US Airways A319 IAE N826AW Arizona

    Thank you very much :-)
  8. Can you please make Virgin America as well?
  9. Thank you Holgi :-) keep them coming
  10. lindbergh72

    Repaint request

    Virgin America (A319) liveries please :-)
  11. lindbergh72

    AES for Wilco Embraer 190

    Bitte :-)
  12. lindbergh72

    Brussels International preview

    This is why they don't make it for FS9, WOW... look at the graphic, you can't get this HD in fs9.
  13. lindbergh72

    Brussels International preview

    Cool...can't wait :-)