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  1. Wow amazing, Can I buy it at this stage???, its enough for me
  2. make it ready quickly, then will come & celebrate the winning there
  3. Had the same problem under FS9, try to unstick the ground shadow in FS option menu.
  4. Am definitly a buyer, please keep a copy for me away. Awesome Job.
  5. For my side looking at the quality definitely I will not waste my money for any other scenery & am sure no one will be disappointed.
  6. Is there anyone who can help in making it compatible with NL2000 v3, when on the runway I cant see it, only the lighting is visible, any help?
  7. I want HDR setting + FS9.cfg please if possible , looks so cool.
  8. Hi Shaun, Any news on my issue?? Thanks
  9. I have installed Weeze X dor FS9 this morning & I have faced the issue below with the contact point. This happens in all taxiway & runway in EDLV, I dont know if some have faced the same issue earlier, I hope this will get a solution. Many thanks.
  10. You should make it compatible with 8.33 radio spacing. will it be for FS9 aswell?
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