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  1. What is going to happen in regards to jetway animation for airport sceneries? Everybody is doing different things in trying to achieve the same goal. Would it be possible to come to some kind of universal standard? We will soon have the following systems: 1. FSX default, inverse kinematics, Ctrl +J jetway animation. See here: http://www.fsdevelop..._video_tutorial Limited system, simplified animations, lots of bugs, implementation is not developer friendly, free for the end user. 2. AES jetway animation based on BGL opcodes & graphics engine hacks. See here: http://forum.aero
  2. ICAO: ESGG NAME: Göteborg-Landvetter TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: RC-Design Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/rc-design-esgg-gothenburglandvetter_fsx.phtml http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/new-scenery-g%C3%B6teborg-landvetter-fsx-p3d2-rc-scenery.432664/
  3. ICAO: WMKK Name: Kuala Lumpur International Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: A_A Sceneries Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/a_a-sceneries-kuala-lumpur-international-airport-klia-fsx.phtml AES 2.37
  4. Awesome work, it good see that things are coming together nicely. Please don't forgot about an extensive amount of apron clutter and animations to make the airport feel more alive. Are the jetways build with AES compatibility in mind?
  5. Is there a PMDG 300ER template available? Thanks in advance!
  6. ICAO: PGUM NAME: Guam Won Prat TYPE: Freeware (payware quality) FS: FSX DESIGNER: Morten Van Der Linden (v4) LINK: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=183667
  7. ICAO: EGAC NAME: George Best Belfast City Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: shamrock112/Eiresim LINK: http://www.eiresim.com/egac.html
  8. KLM672: Beautiful sunrise overhead Quebec, on the return-flight to Amsterdam
  9. Looks pretty neat! Will the approach lights be customized to fit on the poles, instead of being on the ground?
  10. Coualt.exe runs outside FSX, it has no access to the memory occupied by FSX. It communicates with FSX in order to load the GSX vehicles for example. The Coalt-engine itself has no impact on VAS usuage...
  11. Wasn't that supposed to get captured during the on-site photography survey that is required for these high-end mega airport scenery's?
  12. Maybe you should also support a developer who can bring AES (or someting similair) into P3D?
  13. Major +1 for iksvorn! Sent from my PadFone 2 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  14. Hoewel ik het FS gedeelte van P&V altijd een beetje oppervlakkig vind, zal ik dan toch maar het juni nummer op moeten halen. Bedankt voor het inscannen, Mathijs!
  15. Because it is you who is asking it: NO! When will you realise that your little 10 year old platform is dying! Just because you can't afford modern computer hardware, it doesn't mean we should be limited by such an old platform. You have no idea what a pain in the ass FS9 developerment is for developers, they have to make everything backwards compatible for a small group of people. It means developers have to hold back on technological progress. When will you see that FSX-only prodcuts are so much better! Pleas, stop you everlasting cry for FS9 products!
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