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  1. If the controllers were the problem I guess I would see this problem during no wind taxi and take offs
  2. hotas warthog, throttle and ch pedals I didn't touch the curves No, just pedals Tried several parameters and also I don't get this behaviour with other small props in the sim. just twotter.
  3. I am using rudder at low speeds but during takeoffs or landings, it needs lots of rudder to stay at centerline and excessive rudder input makes the plane roll and I have to use reverse aileron at the same time to avoid crash
  4. This problem is very annoying.. AS Twotter is extremely sensitive to wind. Even under little wind, it is impossible to taxi even at low speeds. Landing and take off are different problem. Since the extreme rudder is needed to comphensate the veering, plane starts to roll over. So, basically, using AS twotter is impossible to under any kind of wind.
  5. cenkcnk

    Req: Seabird

    ı guess now it is out
  6. From the outside, front window looks very very good and realistic with lots of straches, dirt and even wiper trails However from the inside there is no sign of these straches and wiper lines. In fact, from the inside, there is no window glass at all
  7. cenkcnk

    Req: Seabird

    up anyone please?
  8. Well I have thrustmaster warthog throttle, stick and MSFFB2 installed on my system but I have to keep bashing F2 and F3 or use mouse doesn't sound a good idea. I need to find a practical workaround
  9. It even moves at iddle speed and my joystick doesn't activate reverse thrust as axis
  10. I couldn't stop this plane. It either goes forward or backwards. How do you do that?
  11. Also can you suggest some water take off landing routes?
  12. cenkcnk

    Req: Seabird

    Can someone make these two paints? thanks in advance TC-SBO TC-SBU
  13. confirmed. when on the ground, back door open, there is a storm in the plane
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