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  1. Disregard. Problem has been solved with an uninstall followed by reinstall in different conditions: On first install I pointed the installer to a different directory, on a different drive, from the default P3Dv4 directory (my P3D addons folder). When I ran P3D for the first time it gave an error, it could not find the path to the scenery even though it was correct and the files were there. So I deleted the path from the scenery library and added the scenery using Lorby's addon manager (using the modern way). Second install I decided to let it go into the de
  2. Hello everyone, I installed the P3D4 version of Zurich and I have this issue of not having any dynamic lights (all my AI traffic appears completely dark on any apron). Searching I found info on deleting the shaders folder but it didn't help there (it did help in loading times). This happens when I load the scenario at Zurich. I don't know what else I could do. Could someone suggest me a possible way of attacking this issue? Kind regards, Rui Lisboa
  3. I can now confirm that simmarket has the updated 1.05a installer and that it has worked for me, right out of the box, as it was meant to. Thank you! Madeira looks great. I keep my suggestion of adding the version to the zip file.
  4. Unfortunately the zip file has no version info on it's name. Perhaps that would be a good thing to add as a rule? I don't know if simmarket has updated already or its still the same. It's a 1.25 gig download
  5. Same here I am relieved I am not the only one having this issue, I thought I was going crazy, or my FSX install was somehow corrupted.
  6. Yes, I too have bought madeira only after 1.05 was released so I don't have access to the previous version. But it's good to know someone is on this :). Thank you Oliver. Rui
  7. I've installed in FSX in order to fly it with PMDG's MD11 and it looks like in post 176. I've followed post 2 to the letter. I am not letting UTlive client start, to my best knowledge I have Ultimate Traffic 2 disabled, I have searched for any rogue BGL with LPMA in FSX folder, I've disabled all my FSGLOBAL2005 folders in my scenery cfg, I have FTX vector and follwed all the steps and inactivated the 3 bgls for each airport. I don't know what else to try.
  8. Thank you for sharing the WIP screenies! I think for most of us it is obvious that renders will look odd and different from what we see in FS (like lack of shadows). I don't care. The fact that those that are waiting for the release can see progress happening is always nice (even though I also think we're not automatically entitled to it).
  9. Impressive! Will the walkers be animated? One day, in a near future, we might be able to simulate actually going through ops before boarding the plane.
  10. I'm up to date now, many thanks. This is one of the best addons I've seen for FS. Going to get my first credit pack so I can start using it in lisboa.
  11. Thank you for the prompt answer! I've seen AES NG referenced elsewhere here, it looks like a large improvement. Is it related to the new 2.20 version?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new to AES, I've been flying mainly GA aircraft so I hadn't used it yet but I want to go back to airline flying and so AES is now installed. I've tested it with default 737 and... boy was it beautiful . I'm presently trying to configure PMDG's B1900D but I am unable to tell AES that the cargo door is on the left side. Can it be done? Warm regards, Alex
  13. I made some sceneries about 6 years ago, McGrath and a few other iditarod checkpoints in alaska, and with all the research about those places that it involved, looking at pictures, trying to get a feel for the places to somehow recreate that feeling in the sceneries... I got a little depressed about not being able to visit them! .
  14. Well Thorsten I've been an admirer of Sim-wings' quality sceneries since I think FS2000. The fact that even though FS9 has been obsolete for so long but you, with Aerosoft, still support it is fantastic, as I too am still stuck with it. And as a TCA Alaska pilot flying from Anchorage for more than 10 years now this scenery is a real treat. You mentioned Fairbanks and other US airports might be coming next. I want to mention another alaska airport that has been forgotten by the payware industry: Ketchikan. We've had gorgeous scenery for the area since 2004, with Misty and Tongass Fjords and
  15. Thanks, I did install the low poly. That shows how outdated my system must be. But it was a risk I new I was taking. And the aircraft's a beauty, specially with all that aged and stained effects, by the way. African Airstrips Adventures, on the other hand, has been working great for me and what a fantastic piece of software it is, very immersive (after only a few free flights and the introduction flight with former charlie 1). Let me congratulate Aerosoft and the software designers for this. I'd like to add something about why I'm enjoying African Airstrips Adventures so much: around 19
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