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  1. Disregard. Problem has been solved with an uninstall followed by reinstall in different conditions: On first install I pointed the installer to a different directory, on a different drive, from the default P3Dv4 directory (my P3D addons folder). When I ran P3D for the first time it gave an error, it could not find the path to the scenery even though it was correct and the files were there. So I deleted the path from the scenery library and added the scenery using Lorby's addon manager (using the modern way). Second install I decided to let it go into the default directory and all is working well. Cheers, Rui
  2. Hello everyone, I installed the P3D4 version of Zurich and I have this issue of not having any dynamic lights (all my AI traffic appears completely dark on any apron). Searching I found info on deleting the shaders folder but it didn't help there (it did help in loading times). This happens when I load the scenario at Zurich. I don't know what else I could do. Could someone suggest me a possible way of attacking this issue? Kind regards, Rui Lisboa
  3. Done, was able to install the TAP livery for the previous Airbus version following your instructions. There was no issue with the aircraft.cfg, the old files just needed that tweaking Adamski listed above to be able to work with the new professional version of the airbus. Thank you again! : ) Rui
  4. Thank you so much Adamski, for taking the trouble to give that detailed explanation. Going to try tomorrow. Warm regards, Rui
  5. As an update I was able to install another TAP livery, so the problem must be with that series of liveries (that include the whole A319 TAP fleet). The livery showed up on the manager but the aircraft is invisible in P3D.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm having issues with installing TAP liveries into the A319 CFM airbus professional. The liveries are the ones on the Aerosoft forum, for a previous airbus version. I downloaded some of the TAP liveries, like "Airbus A319 TAP Portugal CS-TTA.zip" and using the livery manager I installed this livery. Issue #1: after installation the new livery doesn't show on the manager's livery list. Opening the aircraft.cfg file, the new livery hasn't been added. I don't see a new texture added to the 319 aicraft folder, next to the default ones. When I try to reinstall the same livery the manager says that that aircraft is already installed. But I am unable to uninstall it because I don't see it on the list. What file should I edit to manually remove these liveries? Issue #2: Before I tried the manager I had tried manually and the TAP aircraft showed up on the P3D aircraft list but it couldn't preview the aircraft in the ac selection menu and when I tried to load it, the aircraft wouldn't show (invisible). But I thought the previous liveries were compatible? And perhaps the two issues are related. Cheers and thanks in advance,
  7. Man, I obviously missed something in the manual. Thanks a lot Joan. And yes it would, I noticed on my search for this that someone suggested an auto cabin lights. Perhaps sometime in the future. If it is controlled by Shift+L it should be too hard? Perhaps even FS2Crew could do it. Regards.
  8. Hi guys, I'm slowly studying the baby bus watching some of the youtube video presentations explaining the systems. Playing with the lights switches at night I noticed that I am unable to turn the passenger cabin lights on. What have I missed? I am using the default easyjet 319 that came with the installer. Thanks and apologies if this is something obvious that I've missed by not reading the manual properly.
  9. Totally agree... It was their mistake, not anyone else's. Own up to it.
  10. What happened to the week I was supposed to have to wait in order to be able to buy the bundled version? It's live on simmarket already, one day after release. There must have been some extra effort involved. Thank you! And the discount is beautiful, 4 Airbus models for 41 euros, in my case.
  11. It's easy to feel lost in a forum tree, I think. Try starting at the top of the tree: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/623-english/
  12. Even though i am terribly late for this, I still want to compliment the developer(s) behind the Aerosoft Diamond Katana. I never got to buy it when it came out and since then I've moved on to P3Dv4. But the curiosity had always remained. Coincidentally it was on sale last week so I bought me a reason to reinstall FSX. So much attention to detail, this aircraft feels like a labour of love. An absolute pleasure. There should be more aircraft like this one. Alex
  13. I can now confirm that simmarket has the updated 1.05a installer and that it has worked for me, right out of the box, as it was meant to. Thank you! Madeira looks great. I keep my suggestion of adding the version to the zip file.
  14. Unfortunately the zip file has no version info on it's name. Perhaps that would be a good thing to add as a rule? I don't know if simmarket has updated already or its still the same. It's a 1.25 gig download
  15. Same here I am relieved I am not the only one having this issue, I thought I was going crazy, or my FSX install was somehow corrupted.
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