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Mathijs Kok

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After a new release there will always be a lot of questions, reports and posts. For some people that creates the incorrect impression there are problems and people on the whole are not happy. That's just not true. Here is a short collection of comments I gathered in 15 minutes (with just the keyword 'great' in the general forum). There are many many more. :

“Thanks for this great product”

“The checklist/co-pilot feature is impressive indeed”

“I just wanted to thank the dev team for their commitment and all the good work they did with the Airbus Extended.”

“I just wanted to say "Thank You!" for an outstanding product.”

“great work on the airbus.”

“In my opinion all I can say is wow”

“I've have so much enjoyed the best Airbus ever made for flight simulator.”

“Congratulations Aerosoft”

“1 happy buyer here”

“I have to tell you that this AirbusX Extended is absolutely awesome”

“This is absolutely a first rate A320 simulation.”

“thank you for the Airbus X, you have done something great with this checklist and copilot. Now even greater pleasure of flying.”

“Just finished my first flight, the tutorial, and it's a lot of fun, well done”

“Just wanted to thank aerosoft team, specially Mathijs and his team for this wonderful product.”

“It's not just a great aircraft it's a whole package deal. Fabulous value for money”

“Thanks for making a great product!”

“All right..Another Happy customer/Simmer here.”

“Thankyou very much enjoying learning the bus very much”

“you have developed a great product and also the documentation offers very good information although”

“Congratulations Aerosoft, this one is a winner.”

“Good job putting this together”

“I would like to congratulate you guys on this awesome airplane! Myself and buddies had a blast tonight discovering the new features...we are all impressed”

“Love the new Airbus best Addon Airbus, make that Aircraft i have ever purchased”

“Thank you for great product!”

“Great job really glad to have such a good Airbus!!”

“Great AB by the way, a real joy (warts and all) to fly....”

“it's a joy to fly!”

“Best. Bus. Ever.”

“I am very happy with the a/c. Nice work you've done. The feeling of the aircraft is amazing”

“It is a fantastic product”

“Indeed that is a great product”

“Totally agree, best Airbus ever released for FS so far, and comes with some fantastic features, such as the F/O / Checklists.”

“fantastic poroduct”

“I also want to say thanks to the team for this great aircraft”

“Need to read more of the manual,but very happy with the product.”

“Big thanks to the team of developers, beta testers, translators, for their great work, sleepless nights, was released a truly professional and a phenomenal product”

“I am still impressed - nothing comes close!”

“an outstanding job completing an amazing "Bus". What a great product!”

“I really enjoy this Airbus”

Please note that we are working hard on the issues that only happen on some systems but that the simple fact these issues are isolated and do not happen on thousands upon thousands of other systems make in inherently difficult to solve.

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I'd like to echo this.

I have put a few posts in about little things and asking if they can be changed. But this does not distract me from understanding that this is by far the most comprehensive (working) add-on for the Airbus A320 that has ever come to market. The lack of bugs (especially compared to an unnamed competitor) for the bus is commendable. Well done guys :-)


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I'd like to add that I am 99% happy with the bus. You've done a spectacular job! If you are planning a service pack, the main thing I would like you to focus on is correcting the managed descent engine...

Now relax and enjoy your well-deserved break Christmas!

Thanks very much


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I am a great fan of PMDG and now, also, of this Airbus! Yes it is definitely a good add-on with a number of nice innovations. It is very pleasant to fly and, after a few tweaks, it will be even nicer! Thanks Aerosoft!


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Yes, the Airbus has its problems. It has bugs. Some bigger some smaller.

But still, it works generally and when it works, what a machine! First time since I started simming can I fly an Airbus as I should.

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Congrats to you and your team on a remarkable product- the Airbus we have all been waiting for.That there are a few issues is expected with such a complex product and I am sure these will be refined sooner rather than later.

Well done

Martin Madden

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I would like to add my appreciation for this product. For me it's 98% perfect - the other 2% are little things that don't really detract from the flying experience.

The interaction with checklists and co-pilot are something new to me and are so far adding to the enjoyment for me.

Thing is, everyone's been waiting so long for an Airbus, so people's expectations can be unreasonably high - I think sometimes we expect a 60 Euro product for a 30 euro price :)

For this price it's pretty good :)

What impresses me the most, however is the level of details of the manual, the step by step guide, and of course, the level of support we get from the team in this forum. That alone stands out a mile above other developers, and we should be grateful and not take it for granted.

Little tweaks will come and this will continue to improve, I am happy that after so long I have an acceptable Airbus in my hanger so thanks to all the team and here's to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


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I have only good words for this great plane, waiting a very long time to a simulation of an Airbus so finally here it is ... The little problems that could give are as I would call teething problems, I can only say thank you and my congratulations to the whole team for giving us this great Aerosoft plane, with seguiridad is that over time will be the best Airbus.

Merry Christmas to all and sorry for my English :bow_down2_s:

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I think this is the Best Fly by wire Airbus Made for flight sim. I have used the PSS A320/330/340 , Wilco A320 , CLS A330 and 340 and Airsimmer A320. This is the best. The visual model , Flight Dynamics , Fly by wire, and systesm aall great. This is the closes to flying a real Airbus, I hope that you will make A330 and 340 as well.

kind regards


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This is the 2nd add-on for FSX and P3D that I could never live without.

I have written a short review (including a Full Flight Video) in the largest Flight Simulator Forum of the Turkish people and I report also there 8x + points and 1x - point. I believe the 1x - point walked briefly with hotfix and SP destroyed.

Thanks Aerosoft keep it up.

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Indeed. It's the greatest Airbus so far but I'm still having trouble with CTDs. I've already re-installed C++ Redistributable 2005, 2008 and 2010 but the problem persists. It always happen at the SID/STAR selection page. Hopefully these problems will be solved nearly with the release of new hot-fixes and service packs. Thank you for the great product. Looking forward to the new patches that can address this issue.

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It's by far better - both visually and system-wise - than anything A320 ever existing in the market. And extremely satisfying in manual flying (eg on finals).

However, it has some very serious issues that need to be resolved -> TOD issues, descent issues, and the most serious ones are lateral navigation issues regarding turns, and especially when radial interceptions are involved.

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Completely agree. Its by far the best A32X simulation ever released. Great to know that your company took/takes pride in ensuring the quality of the product. What's crazy is that it can only get better. I'm one of the few customers without all the bugs since the hotfix. So great job, Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


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I´m very happy with A320 X even MCDU it´s not the best .

But with new A320 X Extended the level grow up to much , it´s a great job for a nice price.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Happy new Year

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