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  1. Hi painters, I was wondering if anyone could do some of the multiple special liveries Germanwings has had in the past? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi folks, I'd appreciate it if someone could do a Helvetic Airlines A319 repaint. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Folks, First of all I would like to thank the entire Aerosoft Development Team and Management for the Airbus X Extedned, as this is the most complete and accurate Airbus available on today's market! Secondly I have some questions. Are any further "extensions" planned for the Airbus familiy? Do you have any special contracts with airlines while obtaining exact data about aircraft you plan on developing? (e.g. cockpit measurements, etc.) Thanks in advance!
  4. Dear Painters, Has anyone already painted an A320 in the South African Airways livery? If not would you be willing to make one?
  5. Dear Painters, I was hoping to see the Swissair A321 Livery offered as download. Holgi has already made an amazing replica for the A320, maybe he would be kind enough to do the same for the A321? Perhaps even in the Qualiflyer c/s? The best would be to have both!!! Thanks in advance
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