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  1. Yes, hardly any. I have flown the Kiev flight with Motor Sich. We will see if that comes back next summer. I would have also liked to try Lvov, but that was very short. With An-24 I have not flown yet...
  2. Wow. This is soo great to see. I've spent quite some time on the airport, real and virtual. Now I live away, but I still fly in and out several times in a year and it's really great seeing this come to fruit You even got the Il-18 in the museum in! for what it is worth I see very very little shortcomings that are maybe not even worth fixing, but if you want I will let you know P.S.: What about Uzhhorod airport? It's tiny, but I did have a flight from there and back in this year
  3. FWIW you can force-use 4k resolution textures by exporting them without mipmaps. It is a tradeoff though.
  4. 339 downloads

    This file includes repaints of all three Travel Service Slovakia Airbus A320s (lsd from SmartLynx), as they appeared in summer 2010 season. Made for Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.
  5. Version 30DEC12


    This file includes repaints of both Seagle Air Airbus A320s, made for Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.
  6. I would like to say that this is a very interesting question, and a one that I would also like to see the answer to. Also I would like to say that I consider ASN an interesting site, with good content, and I will try to make a point of it to visit it more. Although I have to admit I find the layout somewhat user unfriendly. Remaining on the topic of ASN, is it possible to submit content? We used to have a local "FS webzine" for lack of a better term, and it had a very nice article about free sceneries for FS2004 in CIS region. I might like to write something similar to this for FSX, and I think it might be a fit for ASN.
  7. I know I am not Aerosoft staff, but I would chime in on Chads question, I would put this to two parts, a) Precision of the modelling, incl. buildings and ground markings -This, basically, only differs based on how skilled is the modeller, and how good materials (photos, blueprints, etc) you have. It is very possible to make models, markings, etc. with tolerances in centimeters, provided you have basic information to build from (like original architectonic blueprints and such). Of course, that kind of information may be infinitely difficult to obtain... b ) Materials, build quality (4 feet thick concrete blocks, water drainage, sloping) -This is very limited by what FS can do. The engine in simulation simply can not distinguish between different materials, their quality and such (i.e. high-weight aircraft sinking into low-bearing asphalt), so that is impossible. As per sloping and drainage, I am also afraid that even if you did build your apron ground poly planes with this miniscule slope, it will not be discernible in FS. The simulator might even take the plane and align it horizontally with the earth model.
  8. Hello, are there reviews for paid products only, or for free ones as well? As with my almost non-existent disposable income ATM, I can not justify buying sceneries when there are so many free ones out there (likes of FreeZ, LH Simulations, NL2000), and since most Aerosoft aircraft are out of my range of interest, I am not an Aerosoft customer, nor I frequent the forums. With that in mind, I dont feel I should be getting payware products for free to review, but I would like to give it a shot - is it possible to apply for free stuff (and then maybe move on to payware, when both parties feel it is worth it)?
  9. Many times, this is not allowed at all, or only with restrictions, such as firetruck must be present. Simultaneous passenger ops and fueling is quite rare.
  10. Many folks argue that they are using P3D for educational purposes - to teach themselves about pracital aerodynamics, some geography, airspace etc. If you develop some add-ons, even if small, you could argue that you need your development license so that you can keep your product compatibile...
  11. Interesting. I assume that AES is best-selling by numbers, would you be willing to share information on best-selling by turnover (money)? ebksb: AES can, by principle, not be protected the same way other procucts are. It is not a scenery or aircraft, once install&forever forget, but is often updated, with added functionality, multiple licence control mechanism possible, even the system of codes itself allows for code "blacklisting". In summary, crack EDDM once, and it will be cracked forever (well until next major update comes...), crack AES once and in a month or two you have to do it again... Mathijs, speaking about piracy, if you can tell: -How many of your products (in term of value, or individual copies) you recon are in use by pirates? Absolute numbers, or relative to actual sales. -How many of these pirates you reckon would invest in your product to buy it legally, if it were impossible to crack? oh and BTW: I did not know Aerosoft was such a big company as it is... I reconed it was in upper 6 digits, maybe low 7, but actual financial size surprised me. But then again, I tend to forget about trainsim and other aspects of aerosoft...
  12. The problem with AFCAD lines is exactly that - they are just AFCAD lines. They are designed for something completely different, and while sometimes this kind of pushback will work fairly well, even most times, if you are willing to sacrifice a small bit of realism, it can never come close to the level we all are accostumed to in AES. Apart from the obvious problem of has pushback/has no pushback/what direction, in the airport/stand properties, take a look at this video: The actual pushback starts at 0:52. Well in AFCAD driven pushback you basically have two possibilities: -In the better case, the program will push you back into the fence, or building even. If there are no crashboxes, you may taxi out. -In the worse case, the program will detect, that there is no taxiline there, and will attempt to push you to the other side. You will end up facing the stand you just came out of, with nowhere else to go. Neither of that is acceptable for me, just as it is not acceptable for me to get pushback where there is none, like in say LZKZ or on original drive-thru stands at LZIB couple years back. That is why I prefer AES to GSX any day.
  13. Good lord, how did I miss this... oh yeah, I dont realy visit this part of forum. Wish I could have seen the pictures though. Still, 20 years is very impressive. Imagine that. Aerosoft was founded already when I learned how to say "airplane".
  14. Judging by 4.xx version of FSUIPC, I say it is FSX.
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