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  1. copied over from competitor forum (my text) But Jepps still miss many things. Like I have no idea if AOC equivalent will be present in the data, but I hope so. Still, Jeppessen has no AFC euquivalent for example... which is quite crucial for me to get overview of the situation around the airport. (While I'm at it... I hope their category marks got better as well. Like LIDO marks SIDs RWY 01 and SIDs RWY 19. Jepps only have SID 10-3, 10-3A, 10-3B as far as I can see) And while your LIDO ground movement charts aren't carrier specific, but at least they have some taxiway color codes. And LIDOs labels are color coded which is helpful especially in print form, but not only. I could continue on.
  2. Hi Ymu, I could send you the sections for the aircraft file for FSL. Sadly for some reason this doesn't help with jetways. I'll try to follow up on those with Premek when he gets a chance.
  3. APcontroller.exe running normally? if you try to restart it it works?
  4. Hi Premek, unfortunately this isn't enough. I've sent you a message elsewhere to help to get to the bottom of this.
  5. Hi, So if I understand right, the reason my new FSL AIrbus is UNKN TYPE is because it is not yet in APC database? Can I add it somehow?
  6. FWIW you can force-use 4k resolution textures by exporting them without mipmaps. It is a tradeoff though.
  7. Well, I just wonder how exactly you got that 738 to Noertrange... I suppose you had it trucked in on that road?
  8. 325 downloads

    This file includes repaints of all three Travel Service Slovakia Airbus A320s (lsd from SmartLynx), as they appeared in summer 2010 season. Made for Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.
  9. Version 30DEC12


    This file includes repaints of both Seagle Air Airbus A320s, made for Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.
  10. I would like to say that this is a very interesting question, and a one that I would also like to see the answer to. Also I would like to say that I consider ASN an interesting site, with good content, and I will try to make a point of it to visit it more. Although I have to admit I find the layout somewhat user unfriendly. Remaining on the topic of ASN, is it possible to submit content? We used to have a local "FS webzine" for lack of a better term, and it had a very nice article about free sceneries for FS2004 in CIS region. I might like to write something similar to this for FSX, and I think it might be a fit for ASN.
  11. I know I am not Aerosoft staff, but I would chime in on Chads question, I would put this to two parts, a) Precision of the modelling, incl. buildings and ground markings -This, basically, only differs based on how skilled is the modeller, and how good materials (photos, blueprints, etc) you have. It is very possible to make models, markings, etc. with tolerances in centimeters, provided you have basic information to build from (like original architectonic blueprints and such). Of course, that kind of information may be infinitely difficult to obtain... b ) Materials, build quality (4 feet thick concrete blocks, water drainage, sloping) -This is very limited by what FS can do. The engine in simulation simply can not distinguish between different materials, their quality and such (i.e. high-weight aircraft sinking into low-bearing asphalt), so that is impossible. As per sloping and drainage, I am also afraid that even if you did build your apron ground poly planes with this miniscule slope, it will not be discernible in FS. The simulator might even take the plane and align it horizontally with the earth model.
  12. Oh. With that in mind, I release my position to whomever.
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