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  1. I forgot to review ... I encourage aerosoft team , my credit card will wait for its A330
  2. Greetings to all. I am a customer of Aerosoft since its first Airbus ... I must say that with its first Airbus made the mistake of complaining without knowing ... Then I bought the A318 / 319 and very happy with them (my best investment so far). I can also say that when I had a problem they have treated me very, very quickly . Ins that have been implemented in other products would have to pay part , I think , make comparisons on one product or another I find something very bad taste. If you go into a store to buy a small car of 6000 € can not require the seller to put items in a rolls royce , the seller will tell you that if you want rols royce to a dealer that is directed marca.Siento my bad English but this gives me a lot rage. This is an issue no comparative information . regards
  3. Well, after many headaches I got around the problem, and confirm that the problem was not my wonderful AirbusX MCDU, the problem was in the Navigraph FSX, so excuse my previous post regards
  4. Greetings to all ... I have problems with the MCDU despite the AIRAC date, create some conflicts with the waypoints, but the MCDU tells me that this 17Nm for example, when I entered in the MCDU is that the waypoint is at 2000nm and no way to remedy this ... anyone else happens or am I the only one with this error? Greetings and thanks
  5. Muy buenas a todos,soy nuevo en el foro y aprovecho para presentarme y a la vez haceros una consulta: Acabo de reinstalar el AirbusX con los servipack de FSX pero a la hora de seleccionar el avion me cierra todo el simulador.Lo curioso es que lo he instalado como administrador y todo pero sin remedio. Muchas gracias de antemano y pido disculpas al compañero que inició este post,pero no vi apropiado abrir otro nuevo con el mismo tema. saludos.
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