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  1. Disregard post
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if there was an update for EBBR's Gates like it is in real life. My scenery shows eg. Gate 204 for Pier B Gate #4. Thanks in advance ROMAN78
  3. Finally got it working using the Aerosoft Launcher.. Thanks for the help!!! ROMAN78
  4. Hello Vali. Tried the profiler but had no success. Could you send me your profile... just to see if it works but now I'm close the pointn where I'm ready to give up. Its so frustrating to watch all my other payware work flawlessly but this one is such a pain. Thanks in advance!! ROMAN78
  5. Hello, Yes I did use the Joystick Config tool. I aslo troed deleting the entries in the fsx.cfg file. ROMAN78
  6. Well, Today i've spent over 4 hirs trying to figure out the throttle issue with the Airbus X, but nothing seems to work. I've done everything suggested in this forum with no solution. This aircraft is the one with this issue. I'm usinga Logitech Attach 3 joystick. If anyone has any pinters to help, let me know. Thanks in advance!! ROMAN78
  7. I understand your opinion.... I just disagree. I understand things must be crosschecked and verified, but in who's time? This is a business transaction and should be handled as such. Timeliness is everything. I'm not trying to come off rude, I'm just voicing a concern. Take care!! ROMAN78
  8. I'm not one to complain, but it been 27 hours since I've made this purchase. The transaction is complete as far as the money being paid to Aerosoft, but I still haven't recieved my serial number. Maybe I'm missing something in Aerosft's practices but this is completely frustrating. Roman78
  9. Hello Aerosoft staff, I purchased the Airbus X va edition yestrerday and I'm still waiting on the serial number. I made the purchase yesterday 14 Oct 11. I also sent my VA details to support@aerosoft.com. I hope we can get this resolved soon. Thank you!! Roman78
  10. Hey Shaun.. got it working. Seems like the problem was my anti-virus. Thanks again!!! ROMAN78
  11. Hello again, Still trying to solve this issue on my end. Is there anyway I can get a alternate download or installer so I can intsall my product? I can verify my purchase info if needed. Please help... Thanks in advance!! Roman78
  12. Just checking in to see if support found a possible solution to my problem. Is sent the info to the support email as well earlier today. Thanks
  13. Thanks!! Just sent it to the support group. Hope we can get this resolved soon
  14. Another update.... tries re-downlloading the product with antvirus off then a restart with no success. the same error remains. out of options at this point. Really hoping that someone on the Aerosoft support team can help. Thanks Roman78
  15. Hello again.. Just in case any was wondering, I purchased EHAM at www.simmarket.com. This is the first time I've got any error with any scenery I've purchased. I hope to hear from somerone soon.
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