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  1. Completely agree... VNAV TOD advisory calculation needs a good re-work. I find it virtually impossible to get VNAV calculations accurate. TOD comes way downline especially for profile RNAV descents the latest version. LNAV is a whole lot better than before. Please fix Hans and the team. If TOD profiles are fixed, this aircraft would be probably the best regional jet aircraft released in FS. Thanks!! V/R ROMAN78 V/R
  2. Understood... however sometime no information means its un-going. I understand the frustration. I've eagerly anticipated it on release but it was clearly not ready then. So with the upcoming release, I hope and believe Hans is working to ensure it exceptional. After all, its has been released numerous with this recurring issue that was supposed to be fixed. I believe Hans and the team are working hard behind the scenes. Silence sometimes is a sign that progress is being made. Respectfully, ROMAN78
  3. They're working on it. You see the post. Coding is more complex than you realize. What would you prefer. This would be the 4th update with the same outcome. Please give it time. Let them work in peice. v/r ROMAN78
  4. Well, I completed a flight yesterday in P3D4.1 and it flew nicely. I had a whopping 105kt crosswind/ moderate turbulence on a flight to Salt Lake City and it flew nicely. The approach on the GS was a bit to the left of center but the weather conditions weren't ideal. This by far us the best build I've used. I'll keep testing on future flights and report back. Hans I your hard work an effort is appreciated. Thanks Respectfully ROMAN78
  5. I believe my question was answered after reading thru the changelog Mathijs. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks again for the update. Respectfully, ROMAN78
  6. Were they any improvements made to ToD calculations when route changes are made for example Altitude constraints in flightplan etc. Thanks ROMAN78
  7. So true... still looking forward to the update. Thanks again!!
  8. So maybe a release today? Thanks and have a great day!! Respectfully, ROMAN78
  9. Any timeframe on release of the next update Mathijs? Thanks! v/r ROMAN78
  10. Thank you TomA320 for you swift response. Have a great day!! V/R ROMAN78
  11. Hello, Any news on when Mega Airport London Heathrow professional will be available at Simmarket? Thanks and have a great day!! V/R ROMAN78
  12. I noticed the same thing on a test flight this morning. Happened right after gear up. v/r ROMAN78
  13. Any news on when the hotfix will be released? Really miss flying the CRJ. Thanks!! V/R ROMAN78
  14. Good Morning, I completely agree with everyone. Something is wrong with LNAV tracking. I was wondering if the team could look into the LNAV issue pleasw. unless its been looked at already. Thanks for all your help. v/r ROMAN78
  15. I'm using P3DV4 and I'm certain I was in FMS1 with NAV selected. It happened after I flew the FOOOT3 RNAV dep out of KDEN-CYVR. I started making left turn then after I selected "DCT TO" It made a left turn at leat 50 degrees of course before It tried to correct. I selected Heading to correct then direct again but It did the same thing. Quick update----- I'm flying Direct METOW on the GRIZZ5 arrival into CYVR . Just tried Direct to and I didn't experience a deviation. The winds at FL360 are 305/39 with my heading at 299 degrees. Previously I had crosswinds when I tried to go Direct then I had the deviation. Not sure if those conditions cause that issue. I keep you informed. v/r ROMAN78
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