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  1. Hello PFPX, Is there a chance to add the TFDI B717-200 to the list of products to allow the export of OPF? or no way? Best regards Alaa
  2. Thank you this plane is amazing and perfect for site seeing, I do predictable it Aerosoft
  3. Hello all I realized lately while at the cruise altitude that the plane is following an offset flightpath varies between 3-5nm to the left, it shows clearly at the MFD? So is this only my system or it was disusedbefore? Because I tried to research to forum and couldn’t get any answers? Your help is highly appreciated & thank you Alaa Riad
  4. Hello all Sorry I need help on two issues, researched the forum with no luck : 1- When T/O mode how to keep auto throttle off ?? is it possible ? because it turns on automatically as soon as I push the throttle control to TO/ GA or FLEX position. 2- How could I change the units from Kg to LPS (American) tried load manager it wont work, Your help is highly appreciated Best regards Alaa Riad
  5. Hi you have to press AP2 button both AP1 and AP2 should be on Regards Alaa
  6. Hi Yes it's working here too, Before installing the Airbus-x right click on the installer file, from menu go to propoerties, then select the securety Tab, make sure that the file runs as an adminsterator, also make sure that your user name is having full rights on the file as well. Regards Alaa
  7. (Firstly please excuse my English as it is my second language) 100% agree on that, I strongly suggest a poll .......are you welling to spend more cash for improved FMC for A-X ? 1- Yes sure i will. 2-No the current A-X is suitable for me but I might consider to upgrade later on. 3-No I am not interested. And Aerosoft I have been flying this beauty for a week now I have to mention the following : 1- The best external model I have ever seen in FSX. 2-One of the best textures for various liveries. 3-The best cockpit graphics ever. 4-The best animation in and out, so impressive.
  8. Thank you I am getting it now
  9. Hi Sorry for the silly Q but if I purchase the A-X now will it include the V1.11 update or do I have to download the update after and apply it (install it?) thanks Alaa
  10. Hello all <BR><BR>Congratulations on the impressive product and very professional support forum, just a quick question, if I decided to purchase the A-320 now will the package include all hot fixes or updates or I still have to download them separately ? <BR><BR>Second question is will I be able to downlaod (only) Airbus x on a computer and install on anmother or there will be the IP adress check issue ?<BR><BR>Best regards <BR><BR>Alaa
  11. Hello Shaun You are killing me with those beautiful images, if this is what I will get on my computer I will be thrilled, don't mind the delay it makes it more exiting. Regards Alaa
  12. I hope not LOL Few questions regarding the FMC - SIDs & STARS and wing flex .....Just kidding, any last updates on release time? And is it recorded that with a new special product like airbus X, there might be like servers jam because everyone is buying and downloading at the same time, so it might be recommended to wait for couple of days of the release date ? Thank you Alaa
  13. Hi Sorry about the silly question...any final release date ....released ? thanks Alaa Riad
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