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  1. You are a class act, J van E...seriously.
  2. Indeed, thanks very much...this will be quite useful.
  3. Thanks, bliksimpie, for that tip as I also wasn't always seeing that little menu in the upper left of the screen. I believe the key combination " CTL ; " will also do a reset.
  4. That is a great shot of a great plane and scenery combination...nicely done. And I love this plane.
  5. I've had this problem, but in my case, it's due to the EZdok camera add-on. If I temporarily disable the add-on (via the default NUM 3 key), I can get pushback turns normally; once I'm finished with the pushback, I re-engage EZdok camera, and I'm off. Hope this is useful.
  6. Yet one more in the same "boat", and I'll try that tip about creating adn then loading a thorough cold n dark airbus....thanks.
  7. +1 particularly as regards VNAV capability.
  8. I should add that I've loaded a fresh install of version 1.11 after deleteing anything related to earlier versions as recommended by another poster to this forum. Tried again last night to attain an event-free flight but again, the vertical flight was uncontrolled...the airbus just climbs and climbs. I guess I'll try another fresh fsx.cfg approach, but I admit that that grows tiresome when all of my other add-ons (PMDG MD-11, PMDGJ4100, FeeThere ERJ-145 v2, Simcheck A300B4, etc) run just fine. Any hints would be deeply appreciated, thanks.
  9. I'm having the same problem: despite being in managed mode and tracking lateral navigation just fine, I'm seeing a radical climb rate after reaching 10000, V/S well beyond what Mathijs posted as the climb schedule . The managed speed shows 300, but I'm seeing 240 and falling until a stall...there's no managed ascent at all even though all indications are for a managed mode. This is on FSX/Acceleration on Win7 64-bit. I've tried several times, following the tutorial religiously (I think), but would welcome any ideas as to what I may be missing. Thanks.
  10. I think I could use that checklist, Jan van E, and thanks for doing this!
  11. As Aerosoft has stated in numerous other threads, they are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
  12. J van E: Your research and resulting explanations (and even questions!) are very much appreciated...they're helping me immensely while learning this beautiful bird. Thanks!
  13. Aerosoft has stated very clearly in the accompanying documentation where to find the Navigraph updates...please read them.
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