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Preview: Aerosoft Gliders

Mathijs Kok

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Just to let you know the latest:

Flightmodel is finished for general characteristics and gets it's last advataged like the spinning and side slip and so on now.

This may take some time.

But I am confident, that end of the month is possible for a release!

In the meantime I made a new cockpitlayout for the BT Model, and Maybe I will make one more for BM, too.

This is real work, because I have to design an all new panel. The gauges are 3d as you know, so it is not to drag a few images and be lucky.

And there are problems with FSX again and again...

FXS has wonderful options on the left hand, but on the right one it is so limited.

If you are interested I can tell you some of the "problems" FSX made during the developement of this product.

At the end a little screenshot.

Nothing new in it, but beautiful


Bests Joachim

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...Just to let you know the latest:

Flightmodel is finished ...But I am confident, that end of the month is possible for a release!

Mr. Joachim Schweigler,

I'm, honestly, glad to get this news; I'll add this to my Bulk Order and keep my fingers crossed. ;)

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Just to let you know.

Discus is in its final stage.

The flightmodel is done, (99,9%)

All systems are working fine.

A release end of this month is pretty sure.

Attached is a screenshot while dumpung water ballast.

Great news! Don't break out the champagne just yet, but do go out and buy some.


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  • Root Admin

The flight model is just totally amazing. We should say more but there will be a video soon to show it.

I really thought gliders were soft and easy. But this is like a fighter without engines... So this afternoon I changed the introduction in the manual to read like this:

Most people who have not been in a modern glider think that they glide from thermal to thermal in total silence. They can and they do, but they are also capable of the most amazing aerobatics and high speed high G maneuvers. Often the roar of the air flowing over the canopy drowns out the sound of the variometer and the screams of the passenger. They are often flown closer to the ground than most other aircraft, certainly when they are flown using the wind flow raising over mountain slopes. Even if you look at simple performance you see that modern gliders outperform many serious motorized aircraft. Name one general aviation aircraft with a range of 3.009 km, a speed of 306 km/h, and a ceiling of 15,460 meters. And although these are world records for gliders, the actual performance of standard gliders is amazing.

We were surprised to find there was no serious glider ever done for Flight Simulator but when we started with this project we soon found out why. Every bit was problematic. From the gauges (they are very special) to the flight model (equally special), we had nothing to build on and had to invent everything. That's why it took nearly 18 months to complete and a lot of sleepless nights. But it's done, here it is, the first high end simulation of a glider in FSX.

Did we tell you that our manual is just a few pages and that we will be using the real manuals for the aircraft and the C4 glider computer gauge? It's literally good enough to add those manuals.

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Thank you :-)

As nearly all is done we decidet, to rise the bar of realism, and record a complete new soundset directly from the real plane.

We have serious equipment and I will make some photos of this "event"

Nick will equip the plane and I will fly it :-)

So it is ensured that you get the most possible real sounds.


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  • Root Admin

Me too - please release it soon!

September 4th...

Today the manual was completed, 300 pages, with some additional German manuals not even counted. Like we did with the Catalina we feel confident enough to include the official, 'real' manuals. All parties involved were kind enough to give us permission for that.


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Yes, thats VERY good news,

Im not sure if it has been answered already but will there be a paint kit included? If there isnt one in the release could one maybe made avalible at a later stage as an update?


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paintkit is not really possible.

at least no good one.

The problem is, that the whole plane is mapped in another technology. The great advantage: Ultrasharp textures like the markings on the fuselage under the canopy.

The disadvantage: Nearly impossible to paint, if you want more than only redo the regnumbers and so on.

On the other side, modern gliders are pure white with some trims, because it is not approved to paint them full red or something. The expoxi resin gets to hot and the resistance drops over 54°C

This is the reason for pure white gliders.

Sorry for no paintkit :-(

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