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  1. Thank you for this statement. It is a pleasure being an Aerosoft customer!
  2. Hope that this will all come true to that I can "move up by another 32 bits" too :-).
  3. I have ordered one of the first batch and it is currently on the way to me. However, when I ordered this special was not available: If you purchase the popular Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls in our shop now, you can save 50 EUR when purchasing Thrustmasters TPR: Pendular Rudder Pedals Can I still make use of this (I know 'now' is already over :-)) ? If not, then I'll help our local economy and order one locally. It would be easier for any possible warranty cases anyway due to the expensive shipping to the other side of the world. Regards, Siggy
  4. Hi, I ordered mine this past Sunday and I don't mind if you move mine to the 2nd batch. Only ordered one now due to the pre-order discount and because the product seems to be of pretty good quality and Austin Meyer (X-Plane) demonstrated/reviewed it and was raving about it.
  5. Thanks, Dave, for all your answers, I pre-ordered one now from Aerosoft. If any of the pots ever fail, I will replace them myself. Regards, Siggy
  6. The USB cable, it has a USB type C plug on the yoke's end, is the other end of type USB A or also USB C?
  7. Thanks, Dave, this gives a little bit more confidence :-). I may order one, but need to figure out where from (shipping costs) as I live far away from everywhere.
  8. Was interested in this product, until I saw on one of their photos on FB, showing the inside, that the unit uses what looks like a normal potentiometer and a slider potentiometer. Wonder how long they will last. They will be turned/moved certainly a lot more than the volume knob on your stereo. Regards, Siggy
  9. Hi Johannes, Thank you very much. That sounds good to me :-). Best wishes!
  10. I wonder what this means exactly. The Austria East product only has summer textures. Will this be some option to have a specific set of summer textures if one then has the Austria West product and have all seasons e.g. when using the Austria Professional X product ?
  11. Hi, Thanks for your reply, that clarifies everything.
  12. Ok, thanks. I investigated this now. All Aerosoft scenery products seem to have a 'Season Tool' shortcut, I probably never noticed or forgot that this was the case. Checking the 'Season Tool' I saw that mine was set to summer. I probably never noticed the difference as the ground textures and some of the trees still switch automatically with the FSX season, at least it does so with Aerosoft's EDDS scenery. The tool only seems to affect some (extra?) trees. I can live with this. The fact that I did not remember this tool and that this was not mentioned in the Anchorage X manual looked a bit suspicious to me and I had to ask.
  13. So for my other Aerosoft sceneries, that show the correct season automatically once I select the time&date within FSX, if I use the 'Season Tool' only once, I will then always have to use it even for those sceneries ? Or can I go back to 'no season' or 'default season' to restore the original behaviour ? What is the advantage of having the 'Season Tool' ? I would have liked to see this mentioned in the pre-downloadable manual before purchase.
  14. Hi, A review on Anchorage X that I just found mentions that a 'season tool' needs to be run for this scenery before starting FSX and that it would affect all installed Aerosoft sceneries. This is not mentioned in the Anchorage X manual. Is the reviewer wrong about this or does the manual just not mention this ?
  15. Noch ein abschließender Post: rc = SHGetFolderPath(NULL, CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA, NULL, SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT, path); Das wäre alles, um den Basis-Pfad auf jeder Maschine zu finden. Ich kann mit der kleinen Unvollkommenheit der AS-Installer leben, wollte eigentlich nur drauf hinweisen.
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