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  1. You' re right Daniel! I just tested AI after implementing the above mentioned changes but the aircraft still run into each other in front of the Hold Short.
  2. This issue might be caused by Hold Shorts which were placed in the wrong direction. Change the Hold Short on TWY A to 'Forward', on TWY C to 'Reverse', on TWY E to 'Reverse' and on TWY G to 'Forward'. Hope this helps.
  3. You yourself can easily remove them: as KAPTEJNLN illustrated simply reduce the airport vehicle density to 0%. Look into the manual which comes with the scenery (see below). Following this step you will get rid not only of the push back trucks but also the baggage carts etc. If you want them back for your next flight this is just a matter of seconds.
  4. Those pics look absolutely stunning - first rate stuff, Emil! Congrats!
  5. Seems that you found the perfect assistant. The result simply looks splendid! Congrats!
  6. Well - I' m not Matt but I know that it is only visible when you leave full screen mode. Take a look here. Note the watermark in the top right corner.
  7. No need to tell me, Matt. I was a member of the ATC in the German Navy (Marineflieger) for 8 years ... I simply mentioned the ATC interface beause I take it as an indication how P3D treat their stuff. Probably I should say 'one' indication but I' m sure you already got what I mean.
  8. How do you rate ATC in FSX and P3D? Just in case that you might need the pertinent question to your answer !
  9. What about the ATC interface? I heard that it isn' t transparent as in FSX. Did P3D already fix it?
  10. Hi Emilios, may I suggest to unveil Dia? I say unveil because ACES covered its mesh with water ... I think it is quite a nice landmark and should be part of your scenery.
  11. I think so too. The majority of these pics show very dramatic clouds - but 'dramatic' doesn' t necessarily mean realistic to me.
  12. Richtig - das mit den Beta-Tests habe ich schon häufiger gedacht ... Andererseits gibt es auch die Situation, daß einem user was auffällt, aber trotz detaillierter Darstellung hier im Forum kommt von Euch kein feedback.
  13. I' ll see what I can do. Thanks Shaun! Any news regarding the braking action at Barra?
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