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  1. Thank you (Merci)! Also, will the current Aerosoft Launcher v1.1.0.1 show users when it has been released? Or, will it also be update with this build inorder to do so? I really like the addition of this utility although it is still a little buggy and cannot handle older installers (eg. reading all the product.cfg to get the correct patched versions as well). I will report more in the correct section but definitely keep this tool updated along with great sceneries like Manhattan X.
  2. Wow!!! Mr. Pabst, you've been busy.... I'm looking forward to trying this new version out... but before i do, should I NOT install FSDT's GSX in-conjunction with it?
  3. JamesChams


    As Mr. Kok & Mr. Fletcher have stated it CANNOT be done with FSX & their F-16 current gauge files. BUT, with the U.E.P. update, we enhanced these capabilities. This can be done in one of two ways 1. by utilizing NON-F-16 features capabilities that were built into FSX by default (ie. using the shortcut keys for other functions like the hoist and programming those into the gauge files for MFD functions). 2. by creating key-remapping as VRS has done. The U.E.P. has already included these (1.) features but they are hard-coded into the gauge files themselves and will require user key & button assignment into FSX in order to make these features fully functional. I will as include MOUSE/CURSOR functionality as part of the TM HOTAS Cougar combined functionality with target designation but that is still a WIP for the moment. Also, I might make them user configurable at some point but for now they are fixed key assignments.
  4. Aerosoft's released gauges do NOT support direct HUD, MFD, etc. integration. You would have to REPLACE them with the CS' gauges, thus losing the existing gauge capabilities. Or overlapping both of them which might have some weird, NOT authentic, looking functional gauges. The U.E.P. will have more authentic HUD, MFD, etc. and with support for CS Weapons for FSX & VRS' TacPack.
  5. Gents, I have looked at the gauge files and they DO NOT include code to handle the ADF in any of the released versions. But, I will include this as part of the upgraded avionics for the U.E.P.
  6. FYI: ...Also, as I recall, the programmer on the project (Scott) seems to have hard-coded that into the MFD XML gauges so that it needs only to read that number from the aircraft.cfg file(s) and using a conditional statement choose which FIXED display layout to project to the pilot/user. It was a simple solution for making the MFD read the model's distinct layout. BUT, due to this external dependance it allows for users creating/adding repaints to mess-up their configuration and the user CANNOT change this in the VC. In the U.E.P. this limitation has already been addressed as we will want to manage the stores for use with CS' Weapons for FSX & the upcoming VRS TacPack. So, thank you for reminding about this again as I will make this user configurable or RESETable from the VC.
  7. Gentlemen, FYI: For AS' F-16, the HUD & MFD are coded in the same gauge files... If you remove the entries in the Aircraft.cfg file you will lose both functionality. I worked (briefly) on this problem when CS' Weapons for FSX was first released; until my system's motherboards prematurely developed issues in Win7 and died. Since my new systems were installed, I did not have time to re-install and fully test this again; as I had completed reconfigured the original AS F-16 for use with our U.E.P. package that we've been developing prior to that incident. Furthermore, with the now imminent release of VRS' TACPACK, I'd had hoped that Aerosoft would make an "F-16 X Extended" version to enhance the capabilities of the original to improve it in the avionics functionality and others in ways that only could be done with the model itself and not only with the gauge file(s). I am still commited to the U.E.P., however, my partner Fred "Horton229" left the project some time back after the untimely dead of his mother coupled with his work commitments, which is completely understandable. I plan to carrying on with the U.E.P. project later this summer after I get settled into my new place with my new married life. Why is this important? Simply, I had worked out how to add the CS' gauge functionality into AS' F-16 and hope to have a fully functional working TM HOTAS Cougar setup with the F-16's working MFD/radar gauges and CS Weapons for FSX in one of three setup formats or all by selection from the user(s):- 1. AS F-16 v1.21 + U.E.P. 2. AS F-16 v1.21 + U.E.P. + CS Weapons for FSX (perhaps even with an AS F-16 v1.21 + CS Weapons for FSX for users without HOTAS controllers, etc.) 3. AS F-16 v1.21 + U.E.P. + VRS TacPack. Its not necessary to have U.E.P. installed if you want the basic (simplistic) functionality of AS' current HUD/MFD gauges; the idea behind this (U.E.P.) project was to enhance its capabilities to its actual capabilities within FSX to match is some fashion what VRS has already done with their amazing SuperBug, within a margin of limitations having not had the full support of the developers model, code, and much positive backing. So, if you think this might be of further use to you'll, then by all means, let me know. And, I just want to make it clear that I have not intentions of stirring-up any old "issues" about this project with anyone; going to leave the past where it belongs and lets hope we can make good on this effort for all interested. Later! Oh, for those of you that want to know what U.E.P. is click
  8. Merci & I wish you'll a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of the Aerosoft Team.
  9. Mr. Sascha, The image scenery (texture) quality has drastically improved over the years, I'm glad for that; will there also be animations for characters/vehicles on the ice? (i.e. Are they only static?) with getting this out by Christmas! As always, :goodjob_s: there with the pic.'s, Nick!
  10. Looks very nice, Mr. Sascha! Percentage-wise how far along are you from completion? 70%, 80%, or 90%? Just trying to gauge for myself, Thanks & keep up the good work!
  11. Mr. Finn Jacobsen / Aerosoft staff, I know you've probably locked down the list of things that you are willing to update/add to the V2, but if its not too much to ask, can you... 1. Make the model flyable/pilot-able from both Capt. and 1st Office seats? (Read an article that said it was really only flyable from the left seat. ). 2. Is it possible to add a complete interior cabin and have internal view points added to the .cfg files for screenshots/videos? 3. Have an FSCREW: Airbus X V2 version(s) released as well? Thanks! ============================================================================ Mr. Kok, Since I'm not fully aware of the limitations you are discussing here, I would like to ask if your design excludes the use of FSUIPC for throttle assignments? As you might remember I use several devices with axis' that were configured for differing aircraft. (i.e. My HOTAS Cougar Throttle axis is the ONLY one that loads as a throttle for the F-16 even though, I have 14 actual/physical throttle axis'). Thus, am I REQUIRED to have 4 axis on one of my Throttle devices assigned in FSX ONLY in order to use the Airbus' throttle in FSX? Merci!
  12. Quite impressive Mr. Kok; I did actually see the turn-signal lights flashing on one truck towards the end of the movie [time index 1:02]... pretty cool!
  13. Staff, Very innovative of you all to do this... Do you have plans to do more apps like this; say for your production aircraft 2D panels or certain applications/gauges (like FSKeeper, etc.)? Yes, I would also support such a tool.
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