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  1. With winter approaching could we get a utility or some new files that allows us to change the season of AF to winter/spring/autumn/summer ? Looks kind of misplaced when the surrounding area is blanketed white and Andras is bright green Kind regards, Zakk
  2. It may be a scenery cock up, ill rearrange my library and get back
  3. Hi All, Just a suggestion, Would it be possible to get the bridge removed from Artwick Avenue just before the slipway for the next update? I usually park my Catalina on the south plots (i know, the ground rent is in the post), i have just had to get a fold down VSTAB for it a it hits the bridge as it normally is Thanks Zakk PS: Sim Market really need to switch construction companies
  4. Just a little note to say... Whoever made the water runway have lighted buoys.... THANK YOU Its now 10x easier to find the runway Zakk
  5. Zakk


    Thanks, got it sorted now with your suggestion
  6. Hi All, Ive got the Airbus X, I have a small (well, big) problem. On the scratch pad there is always a '.0' stuck there, it just wont delete, ive tried everything, Any suggestions Im on the latest update Zakk
  7. Go Green - Solar Panels on the buoys to power a single strobe on each one?
  8. Would it be possible to get runway marker buoys that are strobed?, this would make them a lot more visable, also could we get a few more for the runway to define it a little more? I like the idea of the pilot controled airport lighting, maybe use a NAV2 frequency like there is in the mega airport heathrow to open the hangar doors? Zakk
  9. Hi, As a real world glider pilot, and also more to the point, Discus pilot, i can honestly say hand on heart Joachim's Discus is a pretty much perfect simulation of the RW Discus, the D'X is by FAR the most realistic simulation on the current market. All i can suggest is get yourself some RW discus experience and you'll see how accurate this simulation is! With regards to panel quality, you must have an issue with your settings (global texture resolution maybe?) because it is crystal clear on my system Regards, Zakk
  10. I like the new website design, i think it is very "Clean" & "Smart", However, Some of the newer products are a little difficult to find, I find it is pretty s l o w t o l o a d Its a little long winded to get into the forums too Otherwise, congrats Zakk
  11. May i say, SO WHAT if it is Air Berlin colours, the screenshot is to show the progress of the project, plain white or pretty pink with rainbows & stars is irrelevant, what is relevant is the project is moving forward I remember when captain sim were developing the 727 for FSX, they released the exterior and interior seperatley at dofferent time, it is now sold as a comlete AC (in & out) Zakk
  12. Heres a post of mine from another forum... The above also has a considerable positive effect on the Discus models Zakk
  13. If its any help to anyone i have moved to Windows 7 64bit and the glider works sweet as a nut, no issues whatsoever
  14. My two pence..., Scura, If you don't like/ cant get on with the software simply uninstall it. All programs have bugs & glitches, it is just trial and error and diagnosing them to get them fixed. Nothing's perfect, Zakk
  15. D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator X Vista Ultimate X64 SP2 As far as i know, Yes UAC Off straight after install
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