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  1. Looking great! Are there civilian liveries in the package?
  2. Thanks Marcel. Just to make sure; do I understand correctly I should be able to use the RXP and the bendix as seperate units when the latter is in simple mode?
  3. Hi, What a great aircraft is this Katana! I'm enjoying her tremendously. There is however one thing I don't understand; I also have the Reality XP Garmin 530, so in the configuration tool I have selected this unit. The Garmin doesn't work on its own however, but it seems 'linked' to the Katana Bendix radio, i.e. when I change a frequency on either one it gets also changed on the other. Has anyone ever encountered this as well and is there a way to solve it? I have also run the RXP configuration tool and set the Garmin as COM/NAV1. It doesn't seem to matter whether I have the Bendix in rea
  4. Looks fantastic indeed! A little dumbed down though as opposed to a full fledged simulator. No mixture simulation for example and also no advanced avionics. But wow, that taxiing Cessna looks so real!
  5. That would ofcourse explain everything, if that particular real world model contains a large GPS unit. I am thrilled we will be able to use the Reality XP GNS 530 as well, I knew about that option.
  6. This aircraft will be an absolute winner. She looks stunning! Therefore I find it a shame the choice was made to implement that awfully looking FSX default GPS. I mean, it doesn't even resemble the GNS500 it's supposed to depict. Apart from that, almost all panelshots of the Katana I could find on the internet do no contain large GPS units, although a GNS430 seems common. Would it be possible to put a Reality XP GNS430 in the panel of this Katana?
  7. Wrong. This is a forum that uses the English language. So write English. Back on topic; what a fantastic list of features! This bird will be a winner.
  8. Awesome work Joachim I'm looking forward to this bird a lot. Don't forget to enjoy the holidays!
  9. I stand corrected Looking at the weight I figured it fell outside the ultralight category since it exceeds MTW of 450 kg (which is the limit for ultralights in the Netherlands). Then again, the Tecnam P92-S Echo I take lessons in is looked upon as an ultralight as well, although its MTW is 550 kg. The law tolerates this and I hear the MTW of the ultralight category will be raised to 650 kg in the future. Anyway, not a discussion for this thread...
  10. Great ideas, but according to European standards the Remos isn't an ultralight. It's a plane in the LSA category But certainly beautiful!
  11. Great idea to include a modern ultralight. I would suggest the Aerospool WT9 Dynamic, preferably the fixed gear, 80 horsepower version. I can give you all the pictures you need
  12. That looks very promising. Great video
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