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  1. Dude, personal foul!!! I am giving you a penalty or on your side of world are they called red cards? In any case 245 Kilos? That would be a momumental task to accomplish and most definitely longer accomplish than this mission. LOL But what I was trying to say is that the Discus rises faster than I would have imagined, given the fact, that it does use "Real Life" polars. You can almost feel it in the seat of your pants when it hits rising air. I am excited that someone, some Company has started to build, at least for FSX, sailplanes that are good enough to rival "Real Life" experie
  2. It is funny you should mention "Natrual Thermals". It might explain my flight with the Soar DG, I just had. I finished the course with a time of 1:38:42. Between tp2 and tp3, I was at about 5,000 ft and not a thermal in sight, heading for tp3. I decided I needed the practice anyhow and headed straight for tp3. I experienced three, what I beleived to be at the time, wave lifts. But now, that you have mentioned it, maybe they were "Natural Thermals". I only slowed down in these "Waves" but what a flight saving surprise to find lift where I truly beleived I was heading for a land out. B
  3. OK Guys 1st I want to thank Peter for "FANTASTIC" CumulusX clouds. CumulusX "ROCKS". My time for the task was 1:46:50. It was my third attempt but one of those should not count because my wife made me get up and help turn the mattress over on the bed. I was not ever capable of finishing Peter's version. I always landed out somewhere between turn two and the home stretch. I found one thermal just after turn point two, that was off the scale. It shot me up to 6,000 ft in no time. It seems that the Discus rises pretty fast, almost unreal. I don't pay much attention to my altitude whe
  4. I am more than willing to give my two cents worth. Sam
  5. Sorry guys to hear about problems...I got Mine to work and it is just great. I flew today @ Sion and my height was about 5,200 ft, almost straight up. I am due a cable break though. I had problems with mine but I really thought it was me (and still think so). Check your files that load the programs. EXE.xml & DML.xml If you would like ot use mine as an example I would be happy to post, with Peter's permission. SlaminSamuel
  6. I don't know if you guys have been watching the other communcations but.... the Winch is availbable from Peter's Website. Called WinchX!
  7. I am so sorry. I had set my REX (Real Enviroment Xtreme) to parameters that confilicted each other. I was playing with too many toys at the same time. That "Simvar" addon is for a mission editor. My friends on the other websites are not createing them fast enough for me so I thought I might create my own. But I can not get them to the quality of B21....yet. Be asured that no flying site is out of my reach, anymore. I just need a new cell phone to make the voice. Right now it sounds like a "Table Saw". I don't think very many pilots speak "Table Saw". WinchX works more than great and
  8. Peter The WinchX! is fantastic!!! But I can not get it to play with my other addons. I have tried all different combinations too. I tried it with a simple frre flight I to try and find lift and come to find out my EXE.XML had been changed and shorten to only include WinchX!. So I added the missing items back and low and behold I can't fly with the winch with these items added back to my system. I am sure that it is me. My DLL.XML & EXE.XML are listed below. If you or someone else here could tell me what I have done wrong please let me know. THIS IS MY FAULT, I HAD SET MY REX 2
  9. I really love this stuff. I would really like to see this Sailplane, and many others, introduced. Is there anyway you guys can throw some "CHUM" in the waters. I need more than is currently available for sailplane enthusiasts. Maybe package the sailplanes with scenery files. And I really think that some "real" looking clouds for CumulusX could be made by you guys in a instant. I have dollars in hand...throw me a hook, PLEASE!!!
  10. There is only one place for most of your soaring needs. Just click the link below to take you to Ian's site. http://carrier.csi.cam.ac.uk/forsterlewis/...m/fsx/missions/
  11. KSUPilot Welcome, If you are a "Mouser" set the elevator trim to about 3.7%, Negitive or down. This allows you enough down elevator to exceed 120kts. Happy to have you. SlaminSamuel
  12. I don't feel so guilty now flying the way I do in FSX. They must be flying a sailplane version of the weedwacker. These guys are trimming the Sagebrush!!
  13. Hodge Who knows what I was talking about... but the DEFAULT scenery was so different from the real thing that I was flying through mountains, when I viewed my IGC file on Google earth. I was insinuating that if Sim_probe was using "Real World Data" my flight would have very different and lift (& Sink) would have been in different places. Thanks' Sam
  14. Hodge I am with you on this topic. But on the other hand I do appreciate the fact that Ravna is looking out for our best interest(s) also. I really enjoy what Ravna has brought to the table for us all to munch on and I really hope he is not turned to the "Dark Side". Ravna punched out two missions, that were in my humble opinion, pretty good. He gave me reason to expand my horizons to more texture and scenery. I do not posses the ability, skills or forethought that Ravna does and if he is converted he will be missed by our community. Thanks Sam
  15. Jeff 1st try to disable guage4 in the in the [Vcockpit01] section. I just stuck two "//" infront of the line. That should do it for now. I think the conflict is coming from multiplayer sound choices or defaults. until I can narrow in further that is all I can give you. //gauge04=dsd_fsx_xml_sound3!sound, 0,0,,, .\SimObjects\Airplanes\DG808S_SOAR\panel.virtualsoaring\DSD_DG808S.ini //gauge05=.!DGSounds, 127, 140, 115, 115 Thanks Sam
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