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  1. Lep, FSX doesn't have good thermals. Get CumulusX! It will open that new world even wider. binky9
  2. Joachim, That's the way it looks to me, also. Another reason why I am reserving judgment. I hadn't thought of putting the two together. Worth considering. Thanks, binky9
  3. There is another option that I have been watching for awhile, called SIRX 2009. It is at this website:, and is supposed to be available soon for free! It looks very impressive. I have held off getting Switzerland Pro, until this comes out. At that point, I may go with Switzerland Pro, anyway, because SIRX 2009 looks like it might require lots of hard drive and RAM memory above and beyond what I care to add. If it wasn't for SIRX 2009, I would have Switzerland Pro already, to go with my Aerosoft Discus. I hope I haven't stepped on any Aerosoft toes by mentioning this option in this blog, since they are a for-profit company and have excellent products. I have the FSGenesis Landclass B21 mentioned, and like it very much binky9
  4. Believe me, I've searched, and can't find the email telling us how to make the PDA larger in the Discus. Could someone help me out, here? Thanks, binky9
  5. Joachim, I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I think he means build and sell some of the vintage gliders with the same attention to detail and realism as the Discus. If you did, I would vote for the Libelle 201B or the Phoebus B-1. Both have good performance, good looks, and are fun to fly. binky9
  6. Bert, Nice circles are the result of both constant bank angle and constant speed. The center of the thermal does seem to change in FSX, but not in Condor. I wish there was a thermal track indicator option on the PDA in the Discus, as there is in Condor's.
  7. The column, the cloud, and the glider can't move in different directions. In RL, the cloud moves in the same direction as the wind, as does the glider. The source of the lift stays in the same place, thus making the thermal column lean downwind. A track of the glider in the thermal would show it being a series of overlapping circles being pushed in the same direction as the wind. I' sure hope CumulusX makes things happen the same way. I went straight through several thermals, just getting what lift I could, and only stopping to thermal when I got too low, because I thought my time might be better that way. It's always a balancing act. How much time do I spend time thermaling, but not going forward, as opposed to doing as little thermaling as possible, and moving toward the finish line? binky9
  8. I did 2 hours and 12 minutes last night. I was so low at the finish that I didn't have time to take take a picture, though. I don't think I ever got above 5,000 feet. The thermals I was in all seemed to start dying at about 4,800 feet. I did pretty well, until I got past the last TP. Up until then, I thought I had a slight chance to beat 1:53. But, it was not to be. It was a good flight, and I'll be doing it again. binky9
  9. Damn! I was hoping to be the first. Congratulations, and I'll make sure I beat 1:53:24, also. Someday. binky9
  10. B21 I am having a problem with your new task. As soon as I click on "Go to Briefing", CumulusX turns off. It won't come back on if I back out, and choose a different soaring task, either. If I close FSX, and then open it again, I can fly any other soaring task but this new one, without losing CumulusX. binky9
  11. Get the Austria missions at They are all centered on Zell am See, and are real good. Also, I have flown west from Innesbruck, then south and then east to Bolgano, and then north back to Innesbruck. Look this up on Google, using "terrain", and just stay in the valleys. It's 342km., as I recall. binky9
  12. B21, You were right about the .txt file. I changed things, got the message, and have throttle2spoiler as an addon. My only problem now, is changing the button for the spoilers on my joystick to blank. But, I find the "Recorder" tab in the joystick settings has a problem and won't open. Everything else is fine, thanks to you. I'll now work on this new problem. binky9
  13. B21, I was not getting the message. So, it looks like your #3 is the problem, I have gone back to the backup copy of the .dll file I made before adding the throttle2spoiler section. FSX is working fine with it. I know you have told me before, but bear with me. After saving the .dll file in Notebook, and adding the throttle2spoiler section, how do I get it back into the .dll format? I am such a dunce, when it comes to computers. I couldn't survive, without these forums. Thanks, binky9
  14. I have both the .ini and the .dll files in FSX/Modules but, when I start a Discus mission, I don't have the throttle2sploiler listed under "Addons". I do have SimProbe, WinchX, CumulusX, FSEarth, and FSRecorder. They all work. Is there a limit to how many addons you can have? Here is the .dll file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>FS_Earth</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>FS_Earth\fs_earth.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Object Placement Tool</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Mission Creation Kit\object_placement.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Traffic Toolbox</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Visual Effects Tool</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Special Effects SDK\visualfxtool.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon><Name>FS Recorder Module</Name><Disabled>False</Disabled><ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad><Path>C:\Program Files\FS Recorder for FSX\RecorderFSX.dll</Path></Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>throttle2spoiler</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Modules\throttle2spoiler.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> Does it look tight? I am using the MS FF2 joystick. Thanks, binky9
  15. For the glider, how about something vintage, like the Libelle 201B or Phoebus B-1? Both of these were among the first glass ships, and are both fun to fly. Airliner: I really like the Super Connie Fighter: RF-8G Crusader from USN Squadron VFP-62 Ultralight: The new two-seater Cessna Lightspeed (or something like that)? Historical: GEEBEE racer binky9
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