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  1. Thanks for the offer, and I may take you up on it. First let me see how far I can get with my first attempt. Cheers, Don
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for the information. I am going to try to create a mission by creating a flight from Sion to Furka Pass and back to Sion. No in between way points. A goal and return flight. All ridge lift. Do you now anything about Flight 1 Instant Mission Maker? Would this program be of use to me? Don
  3. Hi Peter, I hope to fly this race next week. I Have been bombed for the last three weeks trying to get everything outside buttoned up for winter. we live in the sub arctic and winter comes early and hard here. There is already snow on the hills around us and we will get snow here any day now. -40 degree F. weather can hit us in October. Don
  4. Nice bit of flying Mathijs. It is wonderful to fly an airplane that responds appropriately in aerobatic maneuvers! Cheers, Don
  5. Hi Peter, I Forgot to mention following. Online/Offline............................yes Real weather (for rally and records)......not sure but will do if possible Realtime (no pauses)......................yes Cheers, Don
  6. Hi Peter, My first concern is to come up with a mission to tie all the elements of the race into one package. Ian's articles are helpful but a little disheartening for a novice designer like me. I am buying Flight 1 Instant Mission Maker in the hopes it will make the learning curve a little easier for me. Your Rules suggestions look great. I will study and make use of them. I have given the cheating problem some thought after dealing with this issue so much in the past. I have come up with this idea and am wondering if it would work. Please give me your opinion about this concept. Often when comparing flight times for a race, most of the times will be clustered in a loose group with a few pilot times much slower than the others, and one or two pilot times much faster than anyone else. Of course the fastest one wins. We would try to fly the winners thread using Soar Track, but it would be impossible. We suspected cheating but could not prove it. In hopes of discouraging the motive for cheating, I thought I might announce as part of the rules that extraordinary fast and unreasonable flight times that are much faster than anyone else could be disqualified as suspicious. I have to go to Fairbanks Monday-Friday for doctor appointments. I will be back on line Sat.12 Sept. Cheers, Don
  7. Thank you for the offer Mathijs. This is very kind of you. Don
  8. This glider raises the realism of flight simulation(especially soaring) to a whole new level. Great work and a debt of gratitude to all those involved with the development of this wonderful aircraft. Cheers, :jumprope2_s: Don
  9. Peter, Go check out the new SOAR Upload/Download section. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=28033 Don
  10. Great shots! And congratulations Peter for a great winch!! Cheers, Don and Karen
  11. Try here: http://fsaddon.eu/wpfsaddon/product-detail...f-the-lysander/ Don
  12. Thanks for the information guys. I was able to get a very usable contour map from Google Maps. I merged four individual maps to get a mosaic. Now I just need to label the important features and identify two reference points for FS Maps callibtation. Don
  13. Just bought and installed Lukla X and it is very, very nice! I would like to find a better map with higher resolution of the Lukla X coverage area than is in the pdf manual. A topo map in digital format that could be used with FS Maps is what I need. I want to record soaring flight traces to the summit of Everest. Any suggestions? Don
  14. Mathjis, Six and a half months later and waiting. Any progress here or have you decided to let this masterpiece die? Don
  15. If you want to follow along on the development of the C4 flight computer go to this thread. SOAR Message Board Cheers, Don
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