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  1. LOL Just doing my return visit too see where we are at and I think I might have jinxed you............... Looking forward to it so just keep working on making it a completed build and release when ready see you in another couple of months.
  2. I have waited for ever for this I gave up looking deciding to just wait until I heard it was released. Now I'm here I much prefer you to test and get it as bug free as you can before you do release so take your time I will be back in a couple of months to check on progress.
  3. Looking great many of my Christmas gifts to myself are all coming together and going to be delivered just hope this is one of them............
  4. Nice images we need more to keep me going I keep popping back to check to see if a sniff of release has been mentioned.
  5. Thanks for the update so we should have this next week then.............. JK Does that mean once we click the "beltlock" he disappears for ever or ever time we load FSX we have to go through this same procedure to make him vanish?
  6. Great info keep it coming along with more screenshots and thanks.
  7. Second that comment I'm so looking forward to this when it's released it will complete my Hanger.
  8. Great news looking forward to what it is that your going to let us know about. Couldn't agree with you more sail planes is my passion followed by light single engine birds. For some reason I get so much more pleasure out of a sail plane than anything else and with so many quality addons that bring FSX to life now it's a awesome time to be in this hobby.
  9. Mathijs Kok if the bird is made and flyable with the basic working panels then please release I would much prefer to enjoy now rather than sit here on my ass hoping that it may get released. It can always get patched later or updated to for fill what you had envisioned this release to be. I'm happy to pay double just to get a dedicated bird for FSX of quality even if it's not complete right now. Just complete the package minus this setback and your still going to have happy customers then you can sit back and relax without pressure to patch it in due course.
  10. Nooooooooooooooo.............................. I will take the bird as is and you can patch the gauge when it's done that is a kick in the guts hearing this. Why is it that the very craft I have been looking forward to so much is the one that gets placed on the back burner it's the story of my life.
  11. I'm hungry for some more screenshots of this baby if there are any to be showed outside of what has already been displayed......
  12. I got those links along time ago and there worth the download but it's trial and error to get the gliders working with SP2 but I managed to find 2 sets I like that fully work so these ones I use ASW 15 B & LS8-18 which fully work with SP2. I took a look at those Aeriane at Avsim but the graphics are not up to my standard but thanks for the heads up anyway. I guess just like you I gotta wait for J.Schweigler to finish this project so we can buy it but when you see something of quality it takes forever to get your mits on it which is a real killer
  13. Great news now I just need the news that I can purchase it I'm so looking forward to this one.
  14. Nice so I take it this is a different version of the one below and will both versions be included? I'm sure going to give these motored versions a try for some fun but I must fess up I'm a purest and like just the plain old non propelled gliders.
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