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  1. Great piece of software, Wingman5! Exactly what I needed and it's working fine in FSX for me. smith
  2. Me too! No real-life flying for me at the moment, so looking forward to this to get some soaring fix...
  3. Thanks for the reply and your clarification - I'm happy to take your word for it and look forward to more videos.
  4. Looking great and the agressive sideslip looked excellent - very realistic! A question though - is wing flex fully modelled? From the little I could see the wings looked a lot stiffer than I've experienced in real life, especially at the end of the video when the weight of the glider went onto the low wing. There was some flex at the end that i could see but a lot less than I'm used to seeing. smith
  5. Looking very nice - thanks for the screens.
  6. Any updates on progress? I'm very keen on this glider pack!
  7. Hi guys - any update on this project please?
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