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Preview: Aerosoft Gliders

Mathijs Kok

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The title is still under discussion btw.

This post replaces a previous version as we got new images.

Gliders are GREAT fun in FSX. The glider missions are by far my favorites and the new thermals are really pretty good. If you really are careful you can even feel under what wing the thermal is and steer into it. As we also have the tow aircraft in FSX a whole new aviation world is available. Most importantly we found a guy (Joachim Schweigler) who knows how to make it look good and flies the aircraft himself (a rare mix, believe you me!).

We chosen the Discuss gliders because they are pretty well known, used to be top of the line competition gliders until a few years ago and are now flown at many clubs. We'll do three models;

• Discus CS (pure glider)

• Discus BT (glider with 15 Kw aux engine not self launching)

• Discus BM (glider with 35 Kw aux engine self launching)

We'll also do a gauge set that is very high end and will include what gliders call a 'flight computer' that helps you along your route. These are small but complex gauges and you will be surprised how much info there is to be found in them. Release is scheduled this spring and we'll report more when we got more information.










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for the cockpitview?

Maybe, maybe not... We will see.

If I am honestly, I don`t know, how it will look.

Perhaps it will look unreal, perhaps realy fine. We will see. Perhaps, you can choose, if you want it, or not

Please note, that this are Work in process screens. there are round about 40% of the details, that will come!

Best regards, Joachim

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With the camera position pulled back in the VC pictures it will indeed look deserted, but I'm sure when the view point is as the pilots would be, it will look fine.

I personally dislike seeing legs and hands in the VC, but appreciate that others may like this.

Looking great though!

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It is far more, than just a "Sollfahrtgeber"

It calculates for example the arrival high at the airfield of your choise, or says if you should circle in a thermal, or not.

There are many things to calculate with GPS. For example this thing can tell you, from where is blowing the wind and how strong.

But there are many easy things too, like a display for the temperature, the flighttime, an integrator....

It is a smal "PFD" :wink: perhaps even more

Regards Joachim

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Work in progress or not, it is a beautiful sailplane and well executed in the pix. It looked like a nice day for soaring, fair amount of fluffy Cu, makes for decent lift. I am extremely interested in seeing this aircraft and flying it in some areas I flew in lesser machines, wave soaring in Colorado and Napa Ca. and trying a trip down the lee side of the Appalachians.


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Looking more than good... but...

...I find the ailerons should be more flush. As is, they look like the "D" section leading edge is far too deep. I haven't looked at many gliders recently, but of the one's I flew, the ailerons fit better with the upper surface of the wing - looked as if they followed the wing section, were part of it...

There looks to be too much "illumination" here.

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Its a beauty Joachim. :D ..thanks for posting some more screen shots. look forward to seeing the model with a nice pilot figure in the office. Any chance you can do him animated so his head looks around? Love the Canopy Glass BTW.

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and how bout er how ya guys call it... the little wire taped on to the canopy?

Oh, you mean the piece of wool?

Best and most accurate turn and slip indicator you could imagine...

We even had that on the Bell 47 and other helis

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