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  1. I suspect like many, I have no doubt that the store is both simple and safe. The issue is, however, that all too many venders now have installation apps that they all think we will love, but the case is that it has become very cumbersome to keep track of all those install apps. Cumbersome to the point that many now see the one-click convenience of the Microsoft store as so superior that they will, however reluctantly, forego buying directly from the vendor simply to avoid yet another install app and the overhead of keeping track of numerous sites and email/password combinations.
  2. Well....... Like the "Dead" monster who's eyes flicker slightly at the end of the movie (presaging......what?) A small new beta (not yet public) to "Fix some long standing issues" has been announced. Stay tuned. http://forums.steamp...d.php?t=2914507
  3. Slow and steady may just win the race for these guys. Congratulations! Maybe this will push up more serious interest in the Sim community as well http://www.tucsonembedded.com/Home/tabid/41/ctl/Detail/mid/432/xmid/175/xmfid/1/Default.aspx
  4. You could try something like this to give you an overall idea, but always keep in mind that overclocking can be a dangerous endeavor!! http://fatoo.co.uk/m...clocking-guide/
  5. Or you could go for a little whimsy as well and try Kerbal space program. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/
  6. Now those are some High resolution Pictures!
  7. Newegg is usually one of the best places to shop for great deals on hardware and software of all types, and a Labor Day sale is sure to have lots of new toys for eager Simmers. To use Promo codes and get even better deals, make sure to sign up for their "Insider" subscription (which is free) Current deal promo codes will be expiring on 9/3 http://promotions.newegg.com/NEemail/Aug-0-2012/laborday28/index-landing.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL082812&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL082812-_-EMC-082812-Index-_-E0-_-PromoWord Hope you find something!
  8. But many will. I am one of those who will miss flight.
  9. Whatever happens, I still think its the most ambitious city scenery ever done for FSX. I doubt that anyone will ever even attempt to match it ever again, at least not in FSX, and it belongs in the library of anyone interested in flying the area. The default FSX NY just wont do after seeing this. It also makes a great frame-rate testing tool, since if you tune your installation to run this at an acceptable clip with a large 3PD Kennedy airport also running in the area, you can pretty much take for granted that you can run anything in FSX.
  10. Steam is having its Summer sale extravaganza, and literally dozens of titles are on sale for half price or less! This includes things like Wings of Prey ($5) plus many other programs like rail-works DLC at about half off, and for the next few hours Microsoft flight and ALL regions and dlc for $16.99!!! On steam for approx the next 6 hours. http://store.steampo....com/sub/15467/ 4 Hours left!!! The 8 hour sale "flash" is now over. There is "Only" the %40 off sale until the 23rd still active.
  11. New update is available, seems to fix previous issues.
  12. But!!! I would not suggest updating to it just yet as many are reporting some graphic nastiness and/or crashes. Best to wait for more word and/or a fix.
  13. So you say, and I wont argue that point...... But there is still an active market and forums and many new scenery's etc for FS9 even all these years after the introduction of FSX. The arguments FS9 fans make are in many cases the exact same type of arguments being made against Flight. In fact, I have even seen some FS9 people make the jump to Flight instead, because they never felt they had, or needed to buy machines with the horsepower to run FSX in they way they wanted. They might not agree about FSX being a "true" successor any than more than I suspect you would agree that Flight is a "true" successor. Should Flight survive, and not be pulled by Microsoft because the market is to small to justify wading through many peoples hostility (And good luck finding any large company to wade into that now-proven morass ever again) then there is a non-trivial possibility that the program could rise one day as a "successor" to Fsx, at least for the next generation of simmers, who can accept it without the previous baggage of expectations. Those numbers are growing as we speak, and they can be accepted into the sim community as another welcome part, or be rejected as not "true" simmers by way of not hewing to a single "Accepted" mode or style of play. This does not mean that the numbers will stop growing, or that other avenues will remain blocked. Only time will tell.
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