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  1. And wasn't Aerosoft supposed to be releasing a plane for Aerofly? Wonder what happened to that?
  2. I was being very fastidious about not even mentioning those here and news about them, as forums van be picky about essentially advertising a rivals products on their site.
  3. Not being overly familiar with that version of the software, I would suggest that if no reply is forthcoming here, that you ask directly on the Aerofly Forums:
  4. A look by The Flight Sim Deck at Aerosofts Lukla for Aerofly FS2
  5. Another look at this great new scenery for Aerofly, this time by FSElite
  6. Dino posted an update to this plane; the latest AFS2 build broke one of the systems and it wasn't loading properly.
  7. Must register to download!: Cold War era Lockheed Starfighter, 4 liveries and 14 TMD files to suit everyone. VR and 2D, VR Hands ??? I have real ones sorry. F104G for FsS2 Now in V 1.1 Original creation thread:
  8. So here's the story. A very generous and talented long time Aerofly content creator (all the way from the FS1 days) named krzysk is in the process of converting an extensive library of aircraft to FS2. Be aware, these planes are in various stages of completion, from rough alpha to beta, and he has hosted them to github for users to try while he continues to work on them. Updates can be as often as every few hours, so be sure to check back often for the latest version! Downloading is simple: Download, unzip, and place the unzipped folder into the appropriate Aerofly aircraft folder. Be aware that the unzipped folder will have the Suffix -Master, which will need to be removed before the plane will appear correctly within Aerofly's aircraft selection screen. The currently available planes can be found here: The original thread regarding this subject, including pictures of some of the planes begins here:
  9. Where is this update? I've looked but cant find it.....
  10. Great video by BAR SIMULATION Shows off the city and Aeroflys new free R22!
  11. WaN: Grand Coulee Dam 1.0.0 3w7 Grand Coulee Dam Airport, additionally with Dam Building and more 3D objects. A beautiful place to get away from it all, Grand Coulee Dam Airport sits on the shore of Banks Lake, down in a deep but broad coulee, about 4 miles downstream from the massive Grand Coulee Dam. The approach to this field is spectacular, and unusual: pattern altitude is slightly below the rim of surrounding canyon walls (David Herman).
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