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  1. Well....... Like the "Dead" monster who's eyes flicker slightly at the end of the movie (presaging......what?) A small new beta (not yet public) to "Fix some long standing issues" has been announced. Stay tuned. http://forums.steamp...d.php?t=2914507
  2. Slow and steady may just win the race for these guys. Congratulations! Maybe this will push up more serious interest in the Sim community as well http://www.tucsonembedded.com/Home/tabid/41/ctl/Detail/mid/432/xmid/175/xmfid/1/Default.aspx
  3. You could try something like this to give you an overall idea, but always keep in mind that overclocking can be a dangerous endeavor!! http://fatoo.co.uk/m...clocking-guide/
  4. Or you could go for a little whimsy as well and try Kerbal space program. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/
  5. Now those are some High resolution Pictures!
  6. Newegg is usually one of the best places to shop for great deals on hardware and software of all types, and a Labor Day sale is sure to have lots of new toys for eager Simmers. To use Promo codes and get even better deals, make sure to sign up for their "Insider" subscription (which is free) Current deal promo codes will be expiring on 9/3 http://promotions.newegg.com/NEemail/Aug-0-2012/laborday28/index-landing.html?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL082812&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL082812-_-EMC-082812-Index-_-E0-_-PromoWord Hope you find something!
  7. But many will. I am one of those who will miss flight.
  8. Whatever happens, I still think its the most ambitious city scenery ever done for FSX. I doubt that anyone will ever even attempt to match it ever again, at least not in FSX, and it belongs in the library of anyone interested in flying the area. The default FSX NY just wont do after seeing this. It also makes a great frame-rate testing tool, since if you tune your installation to run this at an acceptable clip with a large 3PD Kennedy airport also running in the area, you can pretty much take for granted that you can run anything in FSX.
  9. Steam is having its Summer sale extravaganza, and literally dozens of titles are on sale for half price or less! This includes things like Wings of Prey ($5) plus many other programs like rail-works DLC at about half off, and for the next few hours Microsoft flight and ALL regions and dlc for $16.99!!! On steam for approx the next 6 hours. http://store.steampo....com/sub/15467/ 4 Hours left!!! The 8 hour sale "flash" is now over. There is "Only" the %40 off sale until the 23rd still active.
  10. New update is available, seems to fix previous issues.
  11. But!!! I would not suggest updating to it just yet as many are reporting some graphic nastiness and/or crashes. Best to wait for more word and/or a fix.
  12. So you say, and I wont argue that point...... But there is still an active market and forums and many new scenery's etc for FS9 even all these years after the introduction of FSX. The arguments FS9 fans make are in many cases the exact same type of arguments being made against Flight. In fact, I have even seen some FS9 people make the jump to Flight instead, because they never felt they had, or needed to buy machines with the horsepower to run FSX in they way they wanted. They might not agree about FSX being a "true" successor any than more than I suspect you would agree that Flight is a "true" successor. Should Flight survive, and not be pulled by Microsoft because the market is to small to justify wading through many peoples hostility (And good luck finding any large company to wade into that now-proven morass ever again) then there is a non-trivial possibility that the program could rise one day as a "successor" to Fsx, at least for the next generation of simmers, who can accept it without the previous baggage of expectations. Those numbers are growing as we speak, and they can be accepted into the sim community as another welcome part, or be rejected as not "true" simmers by way of not hewing to a single "Accepted" mode or style of play. This does not mean that the numbers will stop growing, or that other avenues will remain blocked. Only time will tell.
  13. http://store.steampo...com/app/203875/ Sale ends July 23! For those who are open to curiosity, this is a classic "give us a try" move from Microsoft.
  14. The interesting part is that most of these sentiments are the exact same ones expressed by the FS9 crowd when FSX was released! With flight only about 5 months old, it will be fascinating to see how things (and attitudes) evolve........
  15. In a previous post (long long ago) I think I called it the "Spindizzy area" after James Blish's spindizzys, used in his Cities In Flight http://en.wikipedia....ities_in_Flight novels to lift whole cities (Including New York) off the ground and out to the stars. Manhattan, as the city I was born and raised in is actually my favorite Aerosoft scenery, so I have always kept an eye open for an update/fix for this. If it turns out to be a problem at my end, I will be really miffed at myself!
  16. Nice, and thank you! During the update, will the floating buildings in the upper west side be addressed?
  17. Microsoft is now showing teaser pictures of the Carbon Cub with full virtual cockpit and GPS
  18. Alaska is released. $14.99 divided into one main download and several mandatory free ones. Total is several gigs. Some problems with downloading, possibly due to heavy load on the servers. Here are some preliminary pictures. My first reaction is it all looks kinda pretty so far...... All seasons, day and night are selectable, though trees look like they have been blasted by something akin to the Tunguska event in some areas/seasons. Does indeed include all of Alaska. Overall so far pretty darn nice. Especially for $14.99!!! Pics of me Putt-Putting around.
  19. Talk about smoothness! Look at this nonsense. There was a (probable glitch) 68 knot wind at Upolu after the update, and it did not take players long to find it and go berserk. The new fluidity in multiflyer is like night and day from how it was previously. I can already imagine the birth of a "Flight Virtual Aerobatics team" now that multipiflyer positional accuracy is this fine.
  20. The Flight update has gone live! Just log into flight for the update. It may take longer for the update to be available via Steam. Hints from the new loading screen indicate that one of the upcoming planes for Alaska is a Carbon Cub (With Tundra Tires) looks exciting! Takeoff Distance Takeoff Ground Roll: 60 ft* Landing DistanceLanding Ground Roll: 245 ft* Rate of ClimbRate of climb: up to 2,100 fpm* Fuel Consumption [*]Fuel consumption: 5-6 gph* [*]Endurance (normal, 80hp cruise): 4 hrs* [*]Max range: 450 miles* Speeds [*]Vno 101 mph (normal operating range top of green on airspeed indicator) [*]Vne 141 mph (never exceed speed top of yellow on airspeed indicator) [*]Vs0 32 mph (stall speed w/flaps down, slowest stall speed) [*]Vs1 40 mph (stall speed w/flaps up, clean) *Performance numbers assume optimal conditions, actual numbers will vary. Fuel consumption and speed will vary with power settings. Alaska Airports: A mod on the beta forum was unsure of the total but said between 700 to 1000 will be on the Alaska DLC when released. Basically, all airports in their source data were included. Another mod says that "Water will turn to ice in the northern portions of Alaska depending on season, and buildings and trees will have snow on them in winter. There are different vegetation textures for fall and spring as well. No free preview though, sorry." Head tracking support in Flight: Has been added after many customer requests. Additionally, improvements in multiflyer code with this update promise to make multiple flyer interaction even smoother.
  21. No mention of when the update goes live. Its possible they might test release before Alaska but there is no information yet. More exciting for me personally than Track IR (which I don't use) are the fixes to multiflyer code. There is in fact now a website where flight multiflyers can gather to discuss and schedule events (very fun!) and I am hoping that grows. Having the multiflyer code be quicker and more stable will be a big help. http://msflights.net/
  22. I posted this in the "Big Flight" topic, but there was not a single view (except for a spammer) and I fear the subject may be so old as to be considered dead, so I am posting it here more visibly. Microsoft has issued this following statement on the Flight Facebook Page on 6/15/2012; "With the release of the Alaska Wilderness Expansion DLC on the horizon, we’d like to share some of the changes we’ve made to core elements of Microsoft Flight, as well as some bug fixes. NEW FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY: New hardware-related functionality: -Added support for TrackIR -Added support for axis-based brake control devices -Added settings specific to Intel Ivy Bridge graphics hardware New Hangar Marketplace UI: -Added details page for Marketplace items -Improved user experience for downloading multiple pieces of DLC -Added locked/unlocked livery sorting Map improvements -Added globe icon to Main Menu for region selection -Adjusted map displays for areas with high airport concentration -Added region-based filtering for Aerocaches Improved error reporting -Added features which allow for more robust error reports from end users New UI Features -Added “Glance” command; when R key is pressed and held, allows player to look toward the closest Point of Interest Marker New Environment Features and Improvements -Added two new weather themes: Heavy Weather and Mixed Weather -Added new in-cloud effects -Adjusted coloration of clouds at higher densities to be more realistic -Adjusted cloud randomization BUG FIXES: Reduced load times across the board Adjusted “Skip to Waypoint” feature: players no longer spawn inside intervening terrain pieces Fixed issues with double-byte languages (Korean, Japanese & Chinese) -Fixed issue causing in-cockpit tooltips to display incorrectly -Fixed issue preventing planes from appearing in Hangar after selecting a job from the Job Board Fixed graphics issues -Fixed issues in fog layer and cirrus cloud rendering -Adjusted reflections to be more realistic (no more giant plane reflections) -Fixed vegetation flickering issues -Fixed banyan tree rendering -Fixed crash that occurred for some users when changing graphics settings during cut scenes -Improved in-flight terrain textures for users with Vertical Sync enabled Addressed multiple Games for Windows – LIVE related issues which can cause Microsoft Flight to crash Addressed multiple issues causing Windows Vista users to experience a crash after completing a mission or challenge Fixed multiplayer issues -Reduced bandwidth consumed during multiplayer sessions -Fixed error experienced by final users to join multiplayer sessions -Fixed multiple crashes that occur during multiplayer sessions -Reduced choppiness in rendering other users’ planes during multiplayer More information regarding the Alaska DLC and its specifics will apparently be released soon.
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