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  1. Yeah it's great! But its graphics are not good enough and it doesn't allow transfer or other types of spacecrafts... I got the demo! It's marvelous! I'm waiting for the next version to buy it.
  2. LOOOOOOOOOOL Well I would be happy with a Saturn V/Apollo and a Space Shuttle I hope someday, some great Simulation company invest on it LOL Aaaand NASA has published the entire Space Shutlle manual on its website (EDIT: )! It's possible to make a great Shuttle
  3. Mathijs correct me if I am wrong but I couldn't fly on this one... it's like a planetarium or something... very cool, but not a sim...
  4. LOL I saw this Kerbal one... It's fun and it's worth but it's not a sim LOL... well so far, I liked most the orbiter one... but it kinda uses default gauges and systems... If we had some addons for orbiter it would be great
  5. I'll take a look on it Mathjis! Seems like great Stuff! It promises a good physics model if I understood correctly... The graphics and modeling things are easier things to work on... Well, I'll take a look first them I'll tell anything I'll also check orbiter out thanks
  6. Hi guys, For some days I'm being more and more impressed by Spacecrafts, Shuttles, Rockets and stuff... So I went on searching for a good Space Sim (let's call it Space Sim)... What I found was parts of my wishes distributed on many sims... Some of them have a better graphics but a poor physics engine, other have great shuttle systems configured but poor graphics, for example... Well, I know there's an specific topic for that but, I'd like to suggest Aerosoft one thing: Why don't you guys develop a great Space Sim? You guys are the best addon/sim developers I've ever seen. I'm sure you would make a great work on that, and that the FSX customers would at least be interested on being a costumer of that product too. For this I would suggest: - Graphics quality as your addons on FSX have; - Shuttle operations (well modeled operational systems, good 3d model, ISS attachment) - Saturn V/Apollo based vehicles (Saturn V launcher/Apollo Lunar Module) // I suggested those 2 because they already worked, so it's not necessary to theorize about what would be a plane to mars for example (I won't discuss here if apollo happened... you got what I meant without getting on this discussion) - Transfers (tranfers short tutorials included, graphical transfer planning interface) - Simulation based on the person (possibility to walk on the plane or outside the plane) - Good physics model I'd like to know what other Aerosoft Forum users think... Is it a good idea? Would you like it? What would you like to have on a product like this in case Aerosoft guys wanna do it/think it's possible to do it? Please excite yourselves with this image:
  7. Please, check the Airbus Extended Preview forum
  8. As far as I know, P3D uses the base code of FSX... Microsoft sold it to Lockheed Martin, so if you're looking for a FSX successor, it's P3D. Microsoft developed Flight, which is in my opinion a desparate way to try taking a piece of the secondary FS market. Without a default complete world and the developments of the big ones like Aerosoft and PMDG, MS Flight is destined to die.
  9. Pause it at 5 secs guys! You'll see what would become the mach cone if they went above mach 1!
  10. Those were 2 F-2000 Mirage... Brazil is a rich country but those are our best fighter jets... I mean they're amazing, but they're too old...
  11. A friend of mine was there... They didn't brake the sound barrier but they were very close of it... something like mach 0.98... it already had a chock wave! This friend of mine said that he could feel the chock wave! Amazing day it was!
  12. I heard about it but I didn't get my hands on it because it doesn't have a VC... I'm really in love with the F100, but I just don't feel good on a 2d panel... If you put a VC on it, and if it has a functional FMC, I'll buy it
  13. I want P3D to be the sucessor, but they will surely have to lower the price...
  14. 30 =D EDIT: SORRY, I was late x.x
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