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  1. Thanks for this information. I'll have to wait more or less patiently. Lelystad was for me always a "must have". Success with all the work. Henk
  2. Hello Is there any chance that the (for FSX so beautiful made sceneries) Dutch airports Schiphol. Rotterdam, and Lelystad will be issued? Henk
  3. Hello everyone. Is there a good and simpe to understand guide-line for overclocking the I7-3770K processor. The CPU is mounted on a Gigabyte Z77-D3H. Thanks for any help on this. Henk
  4. Thanks Matthijs. I also noticed, that I can run programs like ASE (realtime weather) and other FSX add-ons, without loosing framerates. As a matter of fact, there is (still) no need to update my CPU, because, I'm quite happy with my frame-rates now. Thanks again to all for helping me out. Henk
  5. Thanks Chris, for your answer. To be quite honest, I already was afraid, that it wouldn't help. Kind regards, Henk
  6. OK, I understand that it's all about the VAS. However, I still have a question. These OOM problem and sometimes an APPHANG CTD, only happens to me when approaching Amsterdam Schiphol (Aerosoft). I have UTX-Europe installed and also NL-2000 v4. I realize, that this scenery is very "hungry". I now have a CPU I7-920 oc'd at 3.8GHz. Should an CPU update, let's say to a I7-2600 or even a I7-3930 make a difference i.e. give me no OOM's anymore, or does a faster CPU have it nothing to do with the OOM problem? BTW: If I temporary de-activate the photographic NL-2000 scenery of Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland, I don't get these OOM's. Woul be glad with an answer. Thanks already. Henk
  7. Thanks Tom, I have a GTX570 with 1.2GB in my computer. Besides, that I installed a second GPU for a second monitor and the CDUII of VRI. If I must add the VRAM of both cards together, I understand, that could be the problem. Anyway, I will try out the VideoMemoryOverrdide option, and report back Thanks again, Henk
  8. Matthijs, Thanks for making this OOM problem clear to me. I know about the problem of FSX, being a 32bit program, and the maximum of about 3.5GB usage of FSX. I installed 16 GB RAM, and don't use memory consuming programs like CAD programs or so. Somewhere I read a post, that (too) much memory installed, could be a disadvantage, especially in the case of overclocking the computer. I overclocked my computer (i7-920 processor) at 3.8GHz. Could I better remove 8GB RAM out of my computer? Thanks for help. Henk
  9. Hello, This thread was opened by John. He wrote: "Well I have 8GB on my system, and just a while ago, I was in the FSX aircraft menu, and I got a message: Your computer has run out of available memory. Please restart FSX with different settings..." . The 8 GB he refers to, is system RAM. The message: Your computer has run out of available memory means an O(ut) O(f) M(emory) crash to desktop. I always thought, that this message had nothing to do with system RAM, but with Video-RAM. Am I correct, or not???. Please can someone this clarify, perhaps Chris? Thanks for help. Henk
  10. Hello, Frequently, I also get OOM crashes, always in demanding sceneries, and with the PMDG737NGX. I have 16GB RAM. That's why I always thought, that OOM crashes were caused by too less Video memory. I hope, someone could clarify this more. Henk
  11. Oliver, Maybe you could help me on this. I desactivated Aerosoft's EBBR for quite a while, because I always got G3D CTD's while flying over the airport. AES was activated for EBBR. Today, I noticed that when I switch AES off for EBBR, the G3D CTD doesn't happen. As soon as I reactivate AES for EBBR, the problem occurs again. Could there be some explanation for this? I have installed AES for all my add-on airports, because I like it so much. I really would miss it, if I could not use it with EBBR. Thanks for any help Kind regards, Henk
  12. Hallo, Ich habe das Problem gelöst, jedenfalls auf meinen Rechner. Szenerie Komplexität war "Dense" Das habe ich so gelassen. Autogen war auf "Sparse". Der Regler habe ich eine Stufe nach rechts geschoben (Autogen auf "Normal"). Seitdem habe ich den G3D Fehler nicht mehr gehabt, auch nicht nach 5 Testflüge. Es ist kaum zu verstehen. Normalerweise, wenn etwas nicht gut geht in FSX (zB ein G3D Fehler CTD) sollte man Regler nach links verschieben, damit FSX weniger beansprucht wird. Hoffe, dass es bringt für diejenigen mit dem ähnlichen Problem. Gruss, Henk Altena Sorry, ich habe die Englische Version von FSX
  13. LOD habe ich einfach auf 4.5. Wassereinstellungen nach unten helft schon bei mir, aber gefällt mich nicht. Aber ich glaube, dass ich etwas "herausgefunden" habe. Werde mich noch zurückmelden. Vielen Dank bisjetzt. Henk
  14. Hallo, Ich habe ein Flugplan: LSZH MANID KPT A2601 LNZ TUN LOWW. Waypoint A2601 ist bei LOWI. Da bin ich auf FL250. 13 nM bevor passing A2601, bekomme ich den G3D Fehler and CTD, und immer auf die gleiche distance. Version 1.2 ist installiert. Freundlichen Gruss, Henk Altena
  15. Roli, Ich habe es auf deine Weise gemacht. Aber leider, bei mir, ohne gutes Ergebnis. Fr. Gr. Henk
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