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  1. Could definitely do with some more random GA traffic flights, I know there is some when using offline AI but could do with some more and maybe so extra random liveries to go with it even if its just simple liveries it would add to the variety of traffic not just the cessna's either but also the other default GA aircraft
  2. No generic models for the default Cessna 172 and 152 and the caravan and all the other aircraft that are in the sim ?? I'm sure they are in there because they are all over the place in the sim but only in their default generic skins
  3. Will there be traffic for smaller aicraft, like the General Aviation ?? Would be awesome if there was, like Cessna 172's doing tours and buiseness trips, 152's flying around for flight lessons etc.
  4. Lets hope soon, this is an experience changer, so xbox users will be pleased with it too
  5. Any info ? Also will we be getting some general aviation liveries for small aircraft ?
  6. Just wondering when this is coming to the Xbox, I love to use it both on PC and Xbox since I use both the fly.
  7. When will this be on the marketplace in the sim ? And will it come to Xbox at the same time ?
  8. When is the testing starting of this ?? As a retired pilot I would love to try it out
  9. That will be nice, cant wait to get this on both PC and Xbox
  10. Hey Mathijs, will Simple Traffic also make it to Xbox ?? I play on both PC and Xbox so would love to have it on both same goes for the Twin Otter.
  11. Never signed up on the forums because I'm not much of a chatter but would love to help test this. I'm a retired pilot and love MSFS but really miss real traffic liveries so would love to help test and point out bugs if there are any.
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