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  1. ty all so much ive got the hang of it youve all been so helpful
  2. hi im really struggling i dont understand what to do
  3. Hiya ty so far. But I've been trying to locate the aircraft.cfg folder do you have an idea where it is?
  4. I reinstalled but still doesn't work, Anything I could be doing wrong. bandicam 2020-02-01 17-52-58-032.mp4 This is a video of me installing it
  5. Yeah it's in CFM should i try re installing the livery?
  6. Hiya thanks for responding so quick heres the link
  7. Hello, I have a livery saved on the livery manager but it does not show up on my aircraft menu in fsx does anyone know how to fix this. (It's the same with all liveries i try to install)
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