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  1. I don't believe it, I did exactly as before and it works now. Computers eh? Thanks for all your help folks. Rgds Lee
  2. Thanks, yes I did. Following the instructions as per the tutorial flight.
  3. I'm using As for P3Dv4. I haven't got as far as needing it to show weather, the thing stubbornly refuses to turn the WX radar on, I have a constant WX Radar Off message on the MFD.
  4. I cannot make the weather radar work at all. I am using Active Sky but the thing just won't turn on. The Terrain Function works but despite following the tutorial instructions (turn to "map" on rotary switch and press RDR/TERR) the caption on the instrument stubbornly says "RADAR OFF". Have I misinterpreted the instructions or is there something I missed? Can you help me please? Thanks and regards Lee
  5. Ok guys, all of a sudden an update has appeared on my Aerosoft updater (wasn't there earlier this evening) and that has solved the problem Please disregard (don't seem to be able to delete the request). Thanks and regards Lee
  6. Hi guys, I have the CRJ Professional and am trying to fly the Tutorial flight. I couldn't get the weather radar to switch on do I uninstalled and re installed it in case something had gone wrong. I reinstalled with my antivirus switched off (Windows Defender) and now I am stuck with a cold, dark cockpit and nothing works, can't even turn on the EFB. Activating battery doesn't have any effect and I can't turn on the APU. COntrol yoke is full left deflection, although the "remove yoke" function does work. Please can you help? Regards Lee
  7. Mine doesn't seem to move. I have the axis set to move with the rudder input but it just stays straight. The aeroplane turns, but the wheels don't move to the direction set. Have I missed something? TIA Lee
  8. Running on P3Dv4 and nosewheel steering does not animate. Aeroplane turns ok but nosewheel doesnt move from straight. Is it me, have I missed something? TIA Lee
  9. How do I activate the locked RAAS please? I can't find any reference to it in the manual. On the Aibus A3xx pro, there is a hidden FMC that does all these things. Is there one on the CRJ Pro please? TIA Lee
  10. Thanks. It would be really nice! Regards Lee
  11. Great product, love it. Could you please tell me do the NEO depicted aircraft have the performance for the new engines? If not, is there an update in the pipeline to do the new engimes. thanks Lee
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