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  1. Hi. I notice with my a330 that is likes to fly a 230knots even a FL 300. Anyway to fix this issue?
  2. One last major problem. I notice when I select documents or anything else otherwise from the checklist on the efb in the aerosoft a330, it crashes my sim totally crashed it.
  3. Because I'm new here, one support was telling me to stop hijacking other topics, so I stop. Remember I'm new. Then I made my own topic then I made most importantly about the trim. He told me to go back to the other topic which no one's is giving me the answer I wanted and he closed the most important topic that I'm having problems with. Therefore am upset because of that. I lower all my settings reinstall the a330 disable my antivirus and the first 2 flights had no problems and then after for the 3rd flights the problem starts again. In that picture my fps not showing
  4. No. I am going to send another in a bit. Fps always stay above 35
  5. I made another flight same route and a smooth weather with all my settings on low my frames get up to 60 and the issue still comes back. Disengaging the autopilot stop the problem but engaging it starts it
  6. After engaging the autopilot 1 it starts acting like that but on manual it doesn't. No other pilots I know cant explain that
  7. I told another agent that I'm new to this thing. The a330 is the only aircraft I have on my flight sim Am sorry about that too. I've been asking about that same issue for a while. My cousin has the same problem.
  8. Someone needs to fix this issue now and stop telling me craps. Hi. I purchased my a330 6 days ago and last night it start having a trim issue. Here's a video of the problem VID-20200211-WA0015.mp4
  9. Hi everyone. I've purchased my aerosoft a330 about 6 to 7 days ago and did a few flights. Last night my flight wasn't smooth. The trim is aggressively moving. Let me show a video of the situation VID-20200211-WA0015.mp4
  10. My efb crashes when opening documents and charts. And my other problem is the trim. Here's a video of the problem.
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