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  1. I could not agree more! thank you, Thorsten, for this clarification and thank you, Mathijs, for bringing EAFS to ALL current flight simulation programs 😉 Kind regards, Jürgen
  2. Perhaps, it is difficult to judge at this time how the future of MSFS looks like.... It still needs a LOT of work and that means time to become a serious competitor to P3D or X-Plane... It might even stay at the game level for ever..... Thank you, Mathijs, for considering an update for Andras Field (for both or even all three sims I mentioned above)! Kind regards en vriendelijke groeten Jürgen Vollmer AMA244
  3. Please add my name to that list, too. Juergen V. AMA244
  4. Will do that Otto! Thank you, I am already glad that it is only my own stupidity and really does not seem to be visible anywhere.... Cheers Jürgen
  5. As you can see there has been a update announced to bring Andras Field to version 1.20 (see here: However the version offered in the shop is still 1.17 and that is also the one I have installed here. However from that thread it appears that this update can be found somewhere, I just do not know the link... Please point me to that update which was announced nearly 8 years ago... 🙂 THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Scorpio47 P.S. And please Mathijs, give us a new version for Prepar3D 64bit
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