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A24-60 PBY-5 Catalina

Consolidated Catalina PBY-5 PBY 5 Water Boat Australian Airforce A24-60 WW2

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Does anyone know if anyone has any repaints for a plane my grandfather flew in WW2 in Queensland Australia??


The details of the plane are.............

Catalina PBY-5

Water Boat

Australian Airforce  registralion/serial #A24-60


He had a crash in Cairns Harbour on the 22nd of July 1943 where he lost his port side airscrew and caused a sharp turn portside and colided with an unlit beacon at night during take-off. 

I am hoping to recreate this incident in simulator but am only a few hours into this new hobby. Any assistance is appreciated.


Photos of the crashed plane are attached. 



A24-60 Moored in Cairns Harbour After Crash Original of Jason Lunnon Grandson of Arthur George Lunnon.jpg

A24-60 Black and White Port Side Photo Restored.jpg

FYI- I have a copy of the crash report from RAAF for this incident attached now.

A24-60 Acc P1 1.jpg

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