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    • Leg 4 22 jan ZPPP to VVNB (527nm) P3D Q400   This is a beautiful place to travel, again mysterious things happened after touchdown, like the virtual twister   Both of us were deep asleep when the sat-phone started to beep, Betty woke up first by the annoying sound . It was the police, they asked if we could come to give more info and because the kid did not stop asking for Betty. So Betty woke me up and asked me. No problem, I said. Honey, the police asks if they need to send a car, Betty said to me. I quickly checked the METAR, 7 degrees C, clear weather. Nice biking weather, I would not mind the trike but you do not have wintergear yet, Babe, so let them send a car. Betty switched off the phone and told me they would come around 11:00 AM. I had forgotten to place a picture of the house that was attacked. It is the most right one   That gave us enough time to shower and breakfast. It is so nice to have a home-sweet-home with wings. The Q400 is not a big plane compared to the flying palace some billionaires have or the A310 I flew for a sultan. The cabin is only 2,5 meter wide but 18 meters long. We have a 4 meter living room direct after the cockpit and we can open it so it becomes part of the cockpit. Followed by a 2 meter luxurious kitchen incl oven and big freezer. A decent 2 meter bathroom with shower and toilet between kitchen and bathroom, Then a 4 meter bedroom with a very nice bed, A 2 meter isolated room for a wash-dryer. And not to forget the 4 meter long “garage annex repairshop” We have a big watertank, airco/heating. On the top of the fuselage and partly on the wings we have solar-panels. So all comfort needed for permanent living. Part of the livingroom     Around 11:00 the police knocked on the door. Walking towards the car, the landscape again made a big impression on me. The emptyness, the cold wind howling around the fuselage, the dark sky, fast moving dark rain-clouds. It may sound strange but I like it. The girl was also in the car and wanted to sit next to Betty. We now knew her name, May-ling, that is, it sounded like that, I probably write it wrong.   It was only 20 minutes to the police station. We did not see other traffic, it was just very rough nature. May-ling talked a lot more as yesterday, she pointed to things in the landscape and rattled on, but we did not understand any off it. After a last turn houses started to appear, and not long after that we saw the city again. A few minutes later we left the car and walked towards the police station. We were warm welcomed by the police officer. They were very friendly. Before I was afraid they would blame us or be not so friendly because we are capitalistic foreigners. But from the translator we heard it was because we went inside and rescued the kid instead of running away.   The good news, for as far as you can call it good, was that the dead people were not the parents but the grandparents. Still very sad. The parents lived in Manjingdong, a small town in the perfecture Xishuangbanna, about 200nm south. It could take a while before they could come, they had no car, there was an airport but travel by plane was to expensive. Betty looked to me with a sweetest smile,and said to me, I want to bring her to Manjingdong, if that is allowed by the parents and Police. Can we do that ?     As expected this was no problem, May-ling was also happy. She liked Betty but also being in a plane. We told her, via the translator, that she could sit on Betty’ s lap in the cockpit. She could not wait but we first had to answer questions about details we maybe had seen. After an hour or so they drove us back to the plane. We made a new flightplan, fuel was still plenty for this flight.     Weather was bad but the visibility was OK. Just before ZPJH it became very bad, no visibility at all, ink-black skies and firm crosswinds but since India I have become more proficient in zero visibility flying. The airport was located in a valley, turned out we were in an other valley to the right, parallel to the one we had to fly. We climbed to 10000 ft, turned, and now descended and this time followed the right valley. Visibility down low was enough to land. The girl had a wonderful time. I let her hold the yoke for a while and she loved it.      The parents were already waiting at the airport. It was very emotional. We wanted to leave but that was not OK, we had to come with them, they did not accept no. But on the other side, the best way to really get to know a country is by meeting it’s people. So we agreed to go with them. This seemed to me as a very empty part of China. From the parents we understood they named themself Han people. The region is for most known for rubber plantations what destroyed most of the original rainforest. With 50 people per square kilometer, and most of the 1.2 million people living in a few cities it is rather empty. That is for me, from the over crowded Netherlands. Big part of the prefecture is a “ national park rainforest”, were the last Indian Elephants in China live. The village is very small at the border of the park, I estimate around 20 houses. The people are traditional and very friendly. We must be some sort of tourist attraction because most off the village people came to greet us.   There was a man who more or less spoke English. A few older giggling woman asked Betty to follow them. It took an hour or so but when they returned it became clear. They had dressed Betty in a beautiful traditional blue hanfu dress, done here hair, make-up etc. Was this my Betty ? She looked stunning.   We thought it was to much butthey insist on it. They gave me a beautiful hand made knife. A wonderful addition to my collection. After a dinner with the whole village and some traditional dancing demonstrations, we said goodbye and walked back to the airport. The parents and May-ling accompanied us. Mei-Ling showed them the airplane and told them she wanted become a pilot too. I told her that if she became old enough, she could contact me. She then could stay with us and I would teach her to fly. So nice we could soften her loss a bit like that. It was so nice to have a relaxed day without monsters or drug-dealers. Come here my little China girl, I said to Betty, I can not take my eyes from you. Heaven must be missing an angel because you are here with me.  Very original she said smiling, they are all sentences from song texts. I could have know, she knows as much about music as me.  Beautiful China girl Beautiful damast knife
    • Which simulator platform ?   Not required for Prepar3D as long as you load to the default scenario screen.
    • Same. The transition of engine sounds when you throttle up while take off sounds a bit strange. However the recordings itself sound pretty good.
    • Same here. There is no external power at every gate oder parking position. There is no chance to fly with the FBW A320 Cold and dark, I can t get any power in the plane. Why ? This is a standard at all airports, this feature is everywhere available, why is it deleted in this sceney ? It would be absolute easy to add this feature, but nothing happens since months. So I am very dissapointed and can t use my payware.    Please add external power, without that the use of the scenery is not possible .   Greetings   Christian 
    • This add-on is not compatible with P3Dv5.
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