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    • @GEK_the_Reaper thanks for your reply. I already plan to do some flights with logged settings and precise error description as soon as possible to make it reproducible.   I've completed the tutorials (that time it was version 1.0).  Regarding the tutorial the problems already begin with the documentation: as for site 1-1-11 of the operating manual the CG settings don't fit with the current MSFS settings. Therefore I have to suggest the correct values. The EFB is also quite a mystery. There are different recommendations to set the settings with a single or double click. And why do the payload results change after confirm (enter) certain payload values again?   example for tutorial: - MSFS setting: empty cg: 35 % / center of gravity: 17.81 % / weight settings reset - input passengers, cargo, fuel with individual confirmations with the virtual enter key - set payload with single click --> CFG CG: 18.4 % / TOW: 28.631 kg / CG: 19.1 % / TO Trim 7.3   (nothing fits) - set payload again --> everything seems fine - click in forward cargo and enter again : payload results change again   Nevertheless I am going to work through the documentations once again.  
    • Hans, before posting please make yourself familiar with the structure of the forum. You have posted in the section for the new Microsoft Flightsimulator.
    • Hello everyone!   I purchased Anchorage X in June and I have a serious problem in both FSX and FS2004... the runways and taxiways are detected as gravel/dirt by the aircraft and the landing gear bounces all over the place or even triggers a crash message before rotation. Since I fly with FSPassengers, this has rendered the scenery unusable... any advice or ideas as to why this happens?   
    • Oh, so the 550/700 is compatible with SU5 already?
    • I think someone mentioned here before that there is an Auto Switch over to Mach Speed around that point....
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