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  1. Today I'm going to fly where you decide in the CRJ Come fly along in the multiplayer and leave your places suggestions in the chat!
  2. There are also new categories for the -550 and the -700 https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/aerosoft-crj-550/ https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/aerosoft-crj-700/
  3. You need to use SimBrief or a similar flight planning system
  4. Same with the TCA, I have set up a temporary idle/reverse detent but I would like to have my preferred settings available
  5. Just try randomly, for me it eventually worked but I wasn’t opening it in a new tab just clicking on the link
  6. CDN servers can't be accessed after purchase, any solution? Nevermind it works!!
  7. CDN servers can't be accessed after purchase, any solution? Nevermind it works!!
  8. Translation: I can't quite understand why the release day is announced, but the approximate time should remain a secret. Is there at least the possibility of a hint whether a release is now planned in the morning, at noon or in the evening? That would be very friendly and would make the day of the potential buyers a little more useful. I think such an info does not have to be a state secret. The hour is kept secret because there is a contest, where if you find the hour of the first selled CRJ, you win one! Edit: Yeah sorry I didn't see it close
  9. lol maybe, when this forum is active it can rocket through new pages really fast
  10. It would be more appropriate to change the < into a > lol
  11. Talking of copies, I always wondered how do digital copies get generated, like do you say in a program "I want 5000 different keys" and then put them on the website to be sold, or you directly say to the website "maximum for now is 5000 keys" and it generates the keys as people buy?
  12. 1 (maybe one and a half)more day until release! https://tenor.com/bqWmI.gif Edit: rip embed lol
  13. Sidestick is just roll/pitch and eventually yaw if you don’t have pedals, so just configure these axis in MSFS settings and adjust the sensitivity/deadzones as you’d like 👍 It should work perfectly with the CRJ, but for "real" sensitivity settings I guess you’ll have to wait until a video like 320 Sim Pilot about his controls with the A32NX comes out (or that The Dude shares his settings here who knows? 😄)
  14. Oh yeah, "it depends", I often use it too even for non-aviation related questions Oh and also, will you do videos on "special" procedures like holds, diversions, turnarounds, etc, or will you let that to other YouTubers ?
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