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  1. Right now, if you want to fly in the US with real routes, just filter by aircraft type CRJ7 on fr24 aircraft and you have plenty to choose from 😁
  2. It's a bit too short I think (27 mins air time on Simbrief), if you want in the same zone there is LEIB-LEBL with this route EPAM1F EPAMA A293 MARTA MART1Z which gives at least 40 mins of flight time
  3. LFRS-LFLL (53 min, real route) would be good, hope it's not too long, otherwise you can do LFRS-LFBO (48 min, often operated by a BelugaXL) or LFRS-LFBD (34 min)
  4. You can always start on the runway and click the ready to taxi state on the EFB, switch the landing lights on, and you’re off!
  5. Me at 1:23 of the 7th episode of Come Fly with me: Don't worry about the flying artefact and the reversed livery, focus on the tutorial, focus on the tutorial Me 3 seconds after that: oh no it was at 1:23 illuminati appeared at EDLP
  6. So happy now, I can now go to bed counting down to the 16th 😁
  7. Agree with that, but sometimes even Vatsim controllers gave me a non-odd(how do we say that in English lol?) flight level even though I was going east
  8. Oof I think I have the first real error but I can’t answer anymore πŸ™
  9. When doing the "taxi" called checklist you do the before takeoff one, and you do not look at the taxiway when doing it, if there was an obstacle you would have collided into it
  10. Tuesday will be over in 11:26 hours Z+1 time as I write this so yeah... I think "few" isn't the good word there
  11. New video!! Edit: Well, it seems like I sent my message exactly at the same time than the Dude πŸ˜…
  12. It seems like they are available: https://www.aviationtoday.com/2020/03/04/bombardier-crj-gets-new-crt-lcd-cockpit-display-upgrade-tfd-4000/
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